Fundamentals of Systemic
Family Therapy

Live Online class once a week for four weeks plus online module and resources.

Four hour class once a week for four weeks plus online module and resources.

Therapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, caseworkers and other health and welfare professionals are working more closely with children, families and couples to provide therapeutic programs and interventions. This occurs not only in counselling rooms but increasingly within homes, schools and other community settings.

This course will equip a range of people working with families, including those providing out of home care services and child protection workers. It will also assist those workers providing care for clients living with a disability or for older people who also regularly interact with their families.

This course will assist you to deliver a more nuanced service to families especially as we navigate the current challenges of COVID-19. Relationships Australia NSW has provided clinical training for over 40 years. The course showcases a range of critical skills, interventions and approaches to equip professionals to think and practice systemically.

Drawing on a range of models, the course will enable participants to:

  • Work with clients in the context of their family or couple relationships;
  • Provide therapeutic services with more than one person in the room;
  • Explore clients’ concerns and issues by using questions;
  • Use a relationship focus in their practice;
  • Understand how to be ‘therapeutic’ in different contexts;
  • Conceptualise clients’ concerns using a systemic lens; and
  • Understand the place of the therapeutic practitioner in the family system.

The online live classes include a mix of expert advice developed over many years of practice experience, demonstration, discussion and skills practice so participants can try out new skills in a safe learning environment.

The course will enrich participants’ current context and practice but also serves as an introduction to other RANSW clinical courses and the nationally accredited Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling we deliver in partnership with Relationships Australia, South Australia


Clive Price is the Practice Education Specialist at RANSW. He is a highly experienced clinician, supervisor and trainer and has worked in the child, family and counselling sectors for over 35 years. He is committed to high quality training in Counselling and FDR and making therapeutic services available to vulnerable and disadvantaged families and communities.

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If you have a group of employees or a team who would benefit from undertaking this program together, we can customise the course for your team. Contact our Learning Advisor at to arrange a confidential discussion and quotation.

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