Divvito communication app
For separated parents

Communication is key

Divvito helps separated parents communicate with ease around the shared care of their children, combining the best of email and messaging in one secure and convenient place.

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What is Divvito?

Within the first three years of separation, you’re likely to have more than 3000 points of communication with your co-parent, some of which might not be easy.

At Relationships Australia NSW, we know collaboration can be so complicated after a separation or divorce. There's so much to co-ordinate when sharing the care of your children and, all of a sudden, you're trying to discuss parenting decisions and share information via text messages or email. Now, there's an easier way.

Introducing Divvito, the only co-parenting app designed specifically to help make communication easier with the help of your very own personal messaging assistant bot, Juvo. Our messaging app allows you to communicate with your co-parent in a way that is controlled, organised and keeping the focus on your children.

Why use Divvito?

Here are some reasons to download Divvito:

PERMANENT: Your entire chat history is archived, offering peace of mind that you can easily refer to conversations in the future. Download your message history for easy reference or to share with your lawyer or mediator.

ORGANIZED: Divvito ensures your communication can be all in the one place, with the ability to create message threads to make it easy to keep track of all the moving pieces in your family’s life.

PERSONALIZED: You can personalise how you communicate with do-not-disturb notifications, setting up Divvito to be your sole medium to communicate, customising words/phrases you don’t want to receive.

POSITIVE: Divvito tries to ensure your communication stays as positive and child focused as possible, and you don’t send a message in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later. Juvo privately scans each message before sending and suggests revising message not deemed appropriate.

EASY LOGIN: Login with your Facebook or Google account or sign up using your email. No information is shared these platforms, they verify your password so you don’t have to create another with us.

Key features of Divvito

  • Helps you keep your messages organised
  • Archives all messages to be downloaded when you need them
  • Protects your privacy
  • Helps keep communication positive

Cost & Technology

COST: Divvito is currently free of charge for a limited time only/

TECHNOLOGY: Divvito needs to be downloaded and used on a "smart" device eg. a smart phone or a tablet.

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