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Counsellors or psychologists who run group sessions or workshops online, community organisation or charity team leaders and trainers, youth group facilitators and educators.

What You'll Learn

This training covers the principles of effectively using creative group work techniques and tools in an online environment. Online groupwork needs to be primarily interactive, with a high level of self-reflection and self-disclosure, as appropriate to the group’s purpose.

Зашто нас

Backed by over 70 years of real-world clinical experience and results, we provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment that welcomes all cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Our training is ideal if you want to:

Equip yourself with proven techniques to balance different views within your group.
Keep everyone motivated.
Learn to adapt your management style to suit every situation.
Improve your body language and presentation skills on webcam.
Identify and practise skills that bring out your group members’ strengths.
Use experiential learning and interactive education activities.

Over two days, you’ll:

Learn how to conduct effective pre-group interviews for online groupwork
Explore ways to enhance group member inclusion using online groupwork
Learn how to use the necessary technology, tools and processes
Develop your own leadership style and presence, even through a screen
Identify ways to increase group member motivation
Encourage a high level of self-reflection and self-disclosure from group members

How it works


This workshop consists of 2 x 3-hour workshops, delivered live and online via Zoom.


$715 per person including GST.

A discount of 10% applies when booking for two or more participants, and 20% when booking for five or more participants.


Andrew King is a leading group work specialist in community services, counselling and health. A respected author of multiple textbooks and training programs, he has devoted a large part of his career to group work and working with men, fathering and domestic violence.

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Ефикасно руковођење групама на мрежи

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Tuesday 9 and Tuesday 16 May 2023
1:00pm to 4:00pm both days  |  Live online via Zoom

Thursday 14 and Thursday 21 September 2023
1:00pm to 4:00pm both days  |  Live online via Zoom

Повезана обука

Customised Training

Прилагођена обука

Требате да оспособите своју радну снагу? Нудимо прилагођена решења за корпоративну обуку и радионице које су у потпуности прилагођене вашим потребама. Испоручено у партнерству са Релатионсхипс Аустралиа Вицториа.

Effective Online Group Leadership

Ефикасно руковођење групама на мрежи

Ова радионица ће помоћи вођама група да развију вештине за олакшавање креативног онлајн групног рада.

Effective Group Leadership

Ефикасно вођство групе

Ова радионица вам помаже да развијете лидерске вештине како бисте олакшали интерактивнији и ангажованији групни рад у заједници и саветовалиште.