Father’s Day during covid: a challenge and an opportunity

Father’s Day means many things for different men, and can come with associated feelings of love, connection, and caring; and sometimes, grief, loss and regret. Relationships Australia NSW Practice Specialist Andrew King explores the importance of fatherhood to many men, and how we can celebrate all forms of this relationship during covid-19. While Father’s Day … Continued

10 ways to make your relationship ‘financially intelligent’

Money and discussions about money can be some of the biggest stresses that couples experience. With the extra uncertainty of the pandemic, people across all income brackets are struggling to make ends meet. We explain how to finance-proof your relationship.    Pandemic or no pandemic, financial stress, and disagreements about money are one of the … Continued

Why “who’s doing the dishes” is a measure of how happy your relationship is

An act as simple as washing the dishes is a window into the overarching domestic obligations women experience in the home. Elisabeth Shaw CEO Relationships Australia NSW reveals more about the ‘mental load’. This article was originally written for Body & Soul. Housework inequality costs us a lot more than we realise. A US study found … Continued

The impact of financial hardship on rural families and how it affects relationships

Many families in NSW rural communities have had to deal with income anxiety and financial hardship as a result of the covid19 pandemic. Income anxiety can have a big impact on families and intimate relationships during these difficult times, particularly since rural communities have already faced challenging events in recent years that have already impacted … Continued

What rural Australians can teach us about coping in difficult times

As Australia has been brought to a virtual standstill over the past five months as the covid-19 pandemic swept through the nation, rural communities in NSW have been faced with yet another huge challenge in addition to the devastating drought and recent bushfires. With many rural towns across NSW concerned about the spread of the … Continued

The positives of families staying at home during the coronavirus crisis

Most Australians are well aware of the stay-at-home directive from the state and federal governments due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, NSW families have been coming to terms with spending far more time together than they normally would. A positive attitude, focusing on the benefits of this new reality can help everyone stay … Continued

The first 5 things to do if you’re considering a divorce

While one in three Australian marriages end in divorce, it’s nonetheless often a painful and daunting process to begin. CEO of Relationships Australia NSW Elisabeth Shaw explains the five things you need to do if your relationship is beyond repair. This article was originally written by Elisabeth Shaw for Body + Soul. Only a generation ago, … Continued
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