Stretch Reconciliation
Action Plan

Relationships Australia NSW (RANSW) is committed to building healthy relationships through respect and creating opportunities for First Nations people.Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) aims to eliminate the obstacles that prevent First Nations people from enjoying the same healthy life experience and well-being as all Australians. In doing so, we support the goals and aspirations for an inclusive, just and harmonious society.


An inclusive, resilient and harmonious society based on robust and respectful relationships between Australia’s broader community and First Nations people.


RANSW believes that trust is the foundation for healthy relationships– for our nation to bond and heal we must recognise, value and acknowledge to move towards greater levels of trust, appreciation and unity.


RANSW fosters respect through recognising the importance of reconciliation and creating a work place that is welcoming to First Nations people and communities


RANSW values the knowledge, skills and connections that First Nations staff, individuals, partners and communities can bring to our organisation.

RANSW’s goal is to build and foster stronger families and communities.  Only through creating opportunities for Australia’s First peoples, organisations and communities will this be achieved with our First Nations people.


RANSW commits to reporting to Reconciliation Australia through the RAP Impact Management questionnaire and to undertake a robust evaluation of the implementation and report publically on the outcomes of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

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