Enhancing relationship quality and wellbeing.

We’re here to listen.

91% of people

felt listened to and understood

89% of people

felt safe with their practitioner

83% of services

offered online for better access

90,006 sessions

provided in the last 12 months

relationship challenges

If you need support with an immediate challenge you’re facing, such as conflict, separation, trauma, or domestic violence, we’re here to help.

relationship growth

Looking for ways to build solid foundations and make positive choices that strengthen your relationships? We offer skills-building workshops and tools to help you grow your sense of connection and belonging.


Group sessions allow you to feel less alone, isolated and judged, and other group members can help you find new solutions to dilemmas or problems.


Online courses to guide you – wherever you are and at any time.


It can be challenging to keep it all together at work and at home – but you don’t have to do it alone.

knowledge hub

We distil the knowledge and expertise from our counselling rooms into articles, videos and graphics to help you learn and grow.

“I’ve learned to identify my body’s signals when I am becoming emotionally charged and am more mindful as I respond to situations in everyday life.”

Managing Strong Emotions Workshop Participant

“The course helped me to understand the impact of my emotions on others and how they affect my own life.”

Managing Strong Emotions Workshop Participant

“I’ve learnt how to deal with situations from a different perspective. A great insight on how others might have seen my behaviour.”

Managing Anger Workshop Participant



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