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“Relationships with family, partners, children, friends, colleagues and ourselves play a big part in our wellbeing. Whether you’re facing difficulties, looking to strengthen your relationships, or want help thinking things through we’re here to support you.”


Developing and maintaining good relationships is crucial for your well-being and your quality of life. Whatever your age, background or experience, relationships can present new and demanding challenges. Like your finances, health or career, relationships need your investment if you are going to enjoy the rewards now and in the long term. Successful relationships are not simply a matter of luck. They require commitment, ongoing effort and good interpersonal skills.

We all experience ups and downs in our lives and relationships. When life is going well, it’s easy to take things for granted. In the difficult times, it can be hard to keep optimistic and stay on track. All of us can benefit from professional advice, education and support to enhance our relationships at home, at work and in the community.

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Who Are We?

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to enhancing relationships within families and their communities in order to foster personal and social wellbeing. We have centres located all around NSW that offer a range of different support options. Relationships Australia (NSW) Limited is a company limited by guarantee, a registered charity and is governed by a Board elected from our membership.

We are committed to building our support for all families and individuals, including those who are in greatest need, facing complex issues and have limited access to resources and services. If you want more information on our services you can find that here.

We believe we are stronger together, which is why we value our partnerships in the community and with other organisations. We aim to work collaboratively with other organisations to develop the best services appropriate to meet the needs of our clients and communities. We are responsive to community needs, value diversity and work with groups in metropolitan, rural and regional locations.

Our vision, ‘Strong Relationships, Strong Communities’


We support people and communities

Our work directly enables people to make positive choices with regard to their relationships and life situations, to strengthen relationships within their families and communities, and to manage conflict and change.

The core of our work centres on family relationships. This involves working with individual family members, couples and family groups. We provide services which respect difference and are socially inclusive, recognising that individuals’ backgrounds, values, family circumstances and connections are very diverse. These services draw on expertise in counselling, mediation and dispute resolution, relationship education, group work casework and referral.

We also advance knowledge and professional practice through accredited education programs and research.


We Believe In Stronger Relationships

Relationship wellbeing is at the very heart of a cohesive and productive society. There are many factors in the environment that challenge our relationships, which can result in relationships under pressure. We believe that active relationship support is vital – both to foster healthy and resilient relationships and to offer support at critical stress points.

Central to our work is a commitment to be:

  • Respectful
    Relationships Australia NSW is a judgement free service and acts with integrity
  • Excellent
    We are committed to continuous improvement and staff development
  • Collaborative
    We build relevance through effective networks and solid partnerships
  • Courageous
    We offer leadership on important social issues and speak up against injustice, discrimination, and harm
  • Safe
    We provide a safe environment for people who are experiencing vulnerability and inequality


Our staff

Our staff are professionally qualified and experienced in supporting people with a range of issues whatever their situation or circumstances. We monitor and evaluate all of our programs through comprehensive quality assurance processes including offering opportunities for clients to provide feedback on our services. Professional supervision and on-going training are provided to all our professional staff to ensure high quality services.


Where we began

Relationships Australia was established in 1948 to support Australian soldiers returning from World War II to manage the many changes that were happening at the time in their families.

In 1994 our name was changed to Relationships Australia to reflect the broader scope of our work and the changing needs and family choices of Australians.

Today Relationships Australia (NSW) Limited has almost 400 staff in more than 25 locations across NSW. We are one of the largest secular organisations in Australia providing professional services to support relationships.

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