Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

Our vision for the future.

Our Strategic Direction

  • We are the champion of those in need of relationship, mental health and wellbeing support.

  • We can demonstrate the positive impact on people’s lives.

  • We’re the partner of choice for funders and investors thanks to our contemporary, relevant, inclusive, quality services – how, when and where they are most needed. 

Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Our future focus is captured in our four strategic goals:

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Strategic Goal #1

Growth + Innovation

We will strive to deliver high social value to funders and investors by being a credible and proactive policy partner that provides data insights, impact, and value for money. By 2025, we will have increased and diversified our revenue base, and successfully taken new innovative products to market in direct response to community needs.

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Strategic Goal #2

Customer Impact

We aim for our customers to trust us to guide them when their relationships are impacting their wellbeing – whatever their context or life stage. Using industry-leading data and actionable insights, we develop and refine services to meet their identified needs. We demonstrate that we are there offering practical support and information at key transition points in relationships. When customers engage in these relevant, timely, and value-driving experiences their wellbeing increases.

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Strategic Goal #3

Connected People

We are building our employment proposition around learning and development and career pathways. We aspire to be the sector leader in relation to employment, capacity-building, training and innovation. We want our engaged workforce to be ambassadors for our success, to reflect the diverse customers we are here to serve.

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Strategic Goal #4

Business Transformation

Our business transformation efforts will move us towards being a contemporary, entrepreneurial organisation with modern, efficient operating models that service client needs and outcomes. Our staff provide quality work enabled by our workplace culture, processes and systems that focus on automation reducing non-client facing hours, actionable data and on-demand metrics, resulting in increased client satisfaction.

See our impact and achievements to date in our most recent Annual Reports.

Related Services

Couples Counselling

Counselling.Couples.Mental Health.LGBTQIA+

Couples Counselling

Relationships can be tough, and sometimes we all need some extra support and guidance to help us move forward. Couples Counselling at RANSW offers a supportive environment where you can discuss concerns, overcome tensions and strengthen your partnership.

Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Mediation.Individuals.Divorce + Separation

Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Relationship breakdowns and family disputes are often emotional and difficult, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. To help you through, we offer affordable Family Dispute Resolution, also known as family mediation, throughout NSW.

Family Counselling

Counselling.Families.Life Transition

Family Counselling

Our trained and compassionate family therapists provide Family Counselling services online and in-person throughout NSW. Family Counselling provides a safe space to address problems, hear each other’s perspectives, overcome difficulties, improve communication, and restore and strengthen relationships.

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