Finances in Focus

Finances in Focus

A series of videos to help you prepare for your property mediation sessions with us.

Video overview

Introduction – Getting Started with Property Mediation
Preparing to Begin Property Mediation
Taking Part in Property Mediation
What Happens After Mediation

Video #1 – Getting Started with Property Mediation

Property mediation is focused on the financial decisions that need to be made to move forward as individuals following a separation. It can be a less costly, less adversarial, and a less stressful alternative to going to court. Everyone's experience and outcomes will be different, but it can help to hear from someone who has experienced the process first-hand.

In this video, you'll gain an overview of what property mediation is, and hear some common feedback we get from clients after completing the process with us.

Video #2 – Preparing to Begin Property Mediation

Mediation works best when both parties take time to prepare for the joint session by collecting the financial information that is available to them, and by seeking legal and financial advice.

In this video, we explain how to prepare for your first session.

Video #3 – Taking Part in Property Mediation

Unless you have been through mediation before, it can be hard to know what it will be like.

In this video, we'll explain the key activities during property mediation, so that both parties know what to expect during your first joint mediation session.

Video #4 – What Happens After Mediation

In this video, we'll discuss what happens after mediation, and the next steps to take, depending on the outcome of your sessions, and whether you have been able to reach an agreement or not.

If you have reached an agreement, we'll explain how you can formalise your agreement into a legally-binding document.

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