“The work I get to do is so fulfilling. We’re doing great things every day. How can anyone not be fulfilled doing that?”

Amy joined Relationships Australia New South Wales in 2016, bringing with her a strong background in human services and a Bachelor of Community & Human Services. Her experience, attitude and passion made her a perfect fit for RANSW and since joining the team, she has gone from strength to strength.

As a Family Advisor, Amy plays a vital role within the Family Referral service at both the Rouse Hill and Mt Druitt centres. In this position, no two days are the same and can involve anything from making contact with clients, coordinating referrals, going out on home visits and taking anonymous calls from people seeking support. It’s a busy role and that’s what Amy loves most.

“The variety that I get to experience is like nothing else I’ve had before. It’s something I really enjoy in my role. Another thing I love about RANSW is that there is no judgement here, only support.”

Through an extensive range of programs and services, RANSW proudly supports families and their communities to enhance relationships and foster personal and social well-being. While Amy knew of this powerful work, she was amazed to learn about the reach and outcomes achieved every day by the team.

“Before joining RANSW, I thought I had a good understanding of the work they did and the way they helped the community. But once I joined, it was eye opening to see their incredible scope and the services and programs they offer. It makes me very proud when I think about the impact we have.”

With the scale of RANSW and success within the community comes the opportunity for learning and development. Across all areas of the organisation, people are dedicated to continually improving the work they do and the way in which they deliver to clients.

“There is huge opportunity here to ‘always be learning’. There is so much knowledge to gain and I don’t believe education ever ends. Everyone gains so much experience through the variety available in all roles at RANSW, and through working with great co-workers. We’re always learning from each other and the team is a big part of what makes working here so enjoyable.

In an industry where supporting people and communities is a focus, there are emotional challenges to be had and tough days to work through. While RANSW always prides itself on the outstanding support it consistently provides to its clients, as a voluntary service there is a reality that not everyone who needs help will engage.

“For everyone at RANSW, no matter what their role is, a positive result is what we aim for.  A challenge of this is that we can’t always help certain people if they’re not wanting to engage with us. Our service is voluntary – we always want to help but can only do that when people want our help. It’s difficult sometimes knowing that, but no matter the circumstances we always do our best to help everyone where possible.”

But Amy is quick to highlight that any difficulty in facing challenges is easily overcome by having experience, resilience and above all, an extraordinary group of people to work with every day. The people and relationships fostered internally at RANSW are just as important as those in the community that receive our support.

“We’re surrounded by an incredibly supportive group of people who are always debriefing and reflecting with one another.  In our type of work, wellbeing is very important. Being part of a team who understands that makes the job easier. The wealth of knowledge that comes from my colleagues is powerful. They’re also highly caring and genuinely interested in what you’re up to with your case work and how you’re feeling within yourself.”

The positive work people at RANSW have the chance to do is what brings a huge sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to many, including Amy. For her, the most rewarding days are those when she’s been able to work with children, parents, carers and families to reach a good outcome and encourage further engagement in the community and services.

“The work I get to do is so fulfilling. We’re doing great things every day. How can anyone not be fulfilled doing that? It’s a good feeling when you hang up the phone from a call with a client and you know that their family is heading on the right track.”

As everyone who works at RANSW knows, the key to achieving our vision of social change is strongly linked to having motivated, adaptable teams who always put the client first. When it comes to adding value to the organisation and being a part of success in communities, Amy is clear on the strengths that make someone the right fit for the team. And for the right people who join, there are so many opportunities available.

“To work at RANSW, I believe that you must be like the team I work within – supportive, caring, resilient, knowledgeable and have this innate willingness to change and try new things. You also have to be very professional, but need to know how to have down time and unwind due to the nature of our work.

There are endless reasons why someone should work at RANSW.  There is plenty of opportunity here for the right people. Above all, working at RANSW means you’re never one person lost in a bunch of workers. Everyone is valued.”

So, what lies ahead for Amy at RANSW?

“Looking ahead I’m excited to stay for a long time and continue to expand my knowledge. I feel so comfortable, safe and welcomed here and I think that’s pretty special because that’s just what we want for anyone that walks through our doors, whether they’re a client or a colleague.”

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