“I love the extra personal benefits of salary packaging and discounted gym membership for my whole family. ”

Andrew is the Practice Specialist, Group Work and Community Education Manager at RANSW. He is a leading group work specialist in community services, counselling and health. A respected author of multiple text books and training programs, he has devoted a large part of his career to group work and working with men, fathering and domestic violence. As a research practitioner, Andrew is known for his focus on generativity and sharing his knowledge using a strengths-based approach. He has published a range of books/articles on group work leadership in the Australian context and facilitates national and international training workshops. He currently teaches Group work and Community Development at TAFE NSW for their Bachelor of Community Services. He is a devoted husband and father of two daughters.

  1. What do you enjoy about working at RANSW?

It is easy to answer this – it is the team approach. At every level of the organisation, there is a strong focus on the development of a vibrant and healthy team culture. This means you enjoy your work, increases your creativity, responsiveness and also the mastery of your practice skills.

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Quality practice is central to the operation of RANSW. The organization is a creative hub that is always trying its best. However the key thing is that RANSW still operates as a relational organisation rather than a bureaucracy producing work. This makes is a very special place to be a part of.

  1. What do you think RANSW is doing that is really important or cutting edge for the industry?

Finding relational solutions to everyday life challenges. It is a rich space that makes that a central focus. This is evident in the high commitment to quality supervision using a reflective practice lens. It is also the systems approach that views issues as interconnected and how change is possible through intervention at any level of the family.

  1. Why should other people want to work at RANSW?

The opportunities to learn through creative work practice, training and supervision are always present. The team approach is central and the how you are always supported in creating safety in clients’ lives as they face the challenges they experience.

  1. What are the benefits of working at RANSW?

Besides all the reasons above, personal and professional wellness is central at RANSW. I love the extra personal benefits of salary packaging and discounted gym membership for my whole family.

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