“I value working for an organisation where I see the core values lived out across all centres, programs and activities.”

Annette is the Practice Specialist for Casework and Service Partnerships at RANSW and she provides clinical supervision to 11 Team Leaders who work across the 4 Children’s Contact Services; the Aftercare Resource Centre; Wattle Place (3 Team Leaders); the Male Victims of Domestic and Family Violence; and the 2 sites of the Family Referral Service (FRS). She is a member of the Practice Quality and Innovation team. She provides Group Supervision to the Wattle Place team and the 2 FRS teams on a monthly basis.

No two days are ever the same. She visits all of the Team Leaders to provide supervision each month which means she is out of the office at Macquarie Park much of the week. She provides Supervision of Supervision to the Team Leaders and attends monthly Practice Forums. She facilitates the Foundations of Clinical Supervision training course and also the Writing Effective Case note Training.

She has just completed the Children’s Contact Service Practice Manual and is presently reviewing manuals for other programs.

  1. Could you tell us a little about your background and career?

I am a Social Worker and graduated from Sydney University in 1981. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and behavioural Science; and a Master of Childhood and Youth Studies degree. I have 3 Cert IV in Training and Assessment; and a Cert IV in Government Investigations.

I initially worked in Youth Accommodation when I graduated and then moved to the Department of Corrective Services with the Probation and Parole Service.

I transferred to Department of Youth and Community Services where I worked as a Social Worker in a Remand and Committal Unit for Young Offenders. I became interested in Family Therapy and completed a course with the then, Marriage Guidance Council (now RANSW) and later moved to Burnside where I worked as a Supervising Therapist in Residential Care and then moved into a Family Counselling Team and worked as a Family Counsellor, Trainer and group worker. I wrote parenting programs for groups of parents and trained other staff in these programs. I worked across a number of therapeutic programs over 27 years until I was made redundant in 2016. I came to RANSW in October 2016.

  1. What do you enjoy about working at RANSW?

As a Practice Specialist, I enjoy the opportunity to work across a number of RA programs and have input by providing clinical supervision, group supervision, consultancy and training.

RANSW works with vulnerable people at a time when they are feeling a sense of despair. We offer opportunities for people to see their situation in a more hopeful way. We validate people’s experiences, we show respect in all of our interactions and we strive to challenge unhelpful thoughts and patterns and introduce new ways of managing their situation.

The organisation values staff who work demonstrate the ability to work professionally, have high emotional intelligence, support other staff, show compassion and hold professional boundaries.

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Believing that I can support staff who work with families who are faced with complex issues so that they can offer a high level of service which meets the needs of the client and empowers them to learn skills to face these challenges and see hope for the future. I value working for an organisation where I see the core values lived out across all centres, programs and activities.

There is an understanding and a pride in the fact that what we do, matters.

  1. What do you think RANSW is doing that is really important or cutting edge for the industry?

RANSW staff understands the impact of trauma and how this affects individuals and families. We work with children to give them a voice and use tools to allow them to participate in issues that matter to them. We name violence and challenge behaviour that makes others around them feel unsafe. Building positive relationships is our business. We offer services so that children, families, older people and communities can be safe, encouraged and provide hope and inspiration to those around them.

  1. Why should other people want to work at RANSW?

RANSW provides an environment which challenges and promotes best practice. There are opportunities for training and also times to meet with team members to discuss difficult family situations so that workers can share their wisdom and experience and also learn from others in a positive environment.

We are well resourced, carry a high reputation in the field and have staff who are dedicated and who always strive to do their best work.

  1. What are the benefits of working at RANSW?

Clinical supervision is a priority and the calibre of the clinical team is of a very high standard. Senior staff are leaders in their fields with a wealth of wisdom, skill and experience across the spectrum of counselling, mediation, group work and casework.

RANSW services are offered across a variety of locations, we are well resourced and offer attractive working conditions.


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