“To see the impact on our clients and their families… that’s pretty amazing.”

As Team Leader of the counselling team at the Sydney City centre, Rebecca oversees counsellors, runs supervision and makes sure the counselling program is running well. The depth of knowledge that she brings to the team is incredibly valuable. Having studied a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as her Certificate of Supervision and Masters in Couple & Family Therapy, Rebecca’s expertise is put to good use at Relationships Australia New South Wales.

For someone with such a keen interest in people, it’s no wonder the diversity of work and extensive programs run by RANSW is what attracted Rebecca to join the team.

“When I was looking for a new role I was struck by their services, it really is quite amazing what we do here!”

In her 11 years with RANSW, Rebecca has grown in her role and responsibilities. Initially starting as a graduate couples & family counsellor in 2007, she moved into adolescent family therapy and worked within specialist programs helping families with adolescents experiencing difficulties. Rebecca then returned to couple and family work, worked as a clinical coordinator and became a team leader. In addition to her responsibilities as team leader, she still loves being directly involved with clinical work.

“As well as being a team leader, I also still have a case load which is incredibly important to me. I’m a child, couple and family therapist, so being able balance my role and continue to see clients is something I love.”

So, in such a varied role, what does an average day look like for Rebecca?

“There isn’t an average day.  Our work here is very busy, there is always lots happening. For me, I’ll generally have 1 or 2 meetings, supervision with counsellors, or I will see a client. Then a whole lot of other things including working with client enquiries, and helping with complex client situations and cases. Some days I will also collaborate with other agencies such as child protection, or consult with other professionals involved with families, or be working with other programmes in RANSW to get the best outcomes for our clients.

One of the great things about working at RANSW is the opportunity that is available. Beyond counselling and other day-to-day roles, there are various opportunities that present including offering supervision to external organisations, involvement in research, interagency meetings, outreach work and other community events that people can be part of. Rebecca is proud to work for an organisation that encourages community involvement and one which has a strong commitment to reconciliation with First Nations people.

What motivates Rebecca most is the reason she first chose to become a counsellor – the opportunity to make a change in someone’s life. “It’s an amazing position we are in. People come and share with us what’s happening in their lives so we can work together, towards their goals of more fulfilling lives and relationships.” Being surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about what they do and share a common purpose is also incredibly motivating for Rebecca.

“I’m very lucky to work with a really great team. We have very passionate counsellors at RANSW. When anyone talks about what they love about working here, ‘the people’ consistently comes up. When I look at the team here, everyone is skilled, passionate and experienced and that directly feeds into the great work we do.”

The values that RANSW upholds and believes in are closely aligned with Rebecca’s own personal values. ‘Excellence’ is a value that Rebecca is proud to see every employee strive for and ‘respect’ is another trait that is exemplified by the entire team. She knows that in order for people to succeed at RANSW, they must identify with all values.

“If you join RANSW, you have to be able to put the clients first and to work both independently and as part of a team. It’s a really nice balance, being part of a really strong and cohesive team focused on client work. The work can be challenging as well as rewarding and being able to share that with a team makes it even more enjoyable.”

As Rebecca continues to move forward in her role at RANSW, she is keen to continue showing the effectiveness of the work they do through reporting which allows for more funding, meaning more people can be helped. The wonderful people, consistent support and rewarding work keeps Rebecca firmly grounded at RANSW.

“I don’t want to stop this work – it’s just so rewarding. You get a sense of the difference we can make when you see client outcomes and the progress they’re making. To see the impact on our clients and their families… that’s pretty amazing”

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