Community Builders

Community Builders

We provide tailored, inclusive programs and services through schools and childcare, councils, community and faith-based organisations to support children and young people to be safe, resilient and ready for life.

Who is it for?

In partnership with educators, service providers, community and religious leaders, we provide information, education and support to vulnerable families living in the wider Northern Sydney area.

What will it be like?

Our multi-disciplinary team tailors programs and services according to the specific needs of each group. By working in partnership with local organsiations we can provide these programs and services at times and locations suitable to the families we support. So rather than trying to fit people into our programs, we try to fit in with your busy schedule.

Key outcomes

  • Clarify your problems.
  • Gain new perspectives.
  • Work through change.

How can it help me?

For schools, childcare facilities or local groups who would like our support for or with their families, we offer programs covering:

  • Youth Wellbeing
  • Transition to School
  • Parent education
  • Educator Training and Capacity Building

For other human services workers, community leaders or faith-based organisations, we also offer training in:

  • Family safety and Violence Prevention
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Screen Management & Cyber Safety
  • Family Law and Post Separation
  • Accidental Counselling
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Service Provider Expos

For community members of Chinese, Japanese or Korean background, we also offer support with:

  • Living in Australia and Employment Pathways
  • Parent Education programs
  • Transition to School programs
  • Grandparent Support & Social Connection Groups
  • Post-natal and Single Mothers Group

Enquiring about this program

If you have any ideas or enquiries call us on 02 9858 3029 or send us an e-mail at!


All of our services are currently free.


Our services are provided through schools, councils, and community centres across Northern Sydney. We can come to your location!

Community Builders is a partnership initiative between community organisations, Universities and government departments, funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.
Family & Community Services NSW Government

Jian Hua

Chinese Child, Family & Youth Support Worker

Jian is passionate about developing the skills and capacity of volunteers within the migrant community. She leads multiple programs within the Chinese community in Northern Sydney, such as Living in Australia Classes, Parent Education Program, Grandparent groups, Domestic Family Violence programs and expos, volunteer trainings, and a very successful Elder Abuse Stage Drama. Her strength is her incredibly dependability, as she is dedicated, well organised and passionate. If she had a superpower she would be able to manipulate time, so she could turn the clock back, to change painful situations for children, stand by women in abusive relationships, erase embarrassing memories or love someone from the start.

Jisun (Sunny) Kim

Korean Child, Family & Youth Project Worker

Sunny is passionate about tending to migrant communities and building their capacity. She oversees all CALD programs and manages several Korean Parent Education Programs, Supported Mothers Groups, Single Mothers Group and Supported Playgroups. Sunny’s strengths are her dependability and communication, as she is friendly and engaging, as well as very responsible and motivated, with a background in research. If she had a superpower she would be mindreading, to identify people’s needs and to be able to provide the best support to them.

Maria Comino

Child, Family & Youth Project Worker

Maria is passionate about supporting and equipping families to make the most out of life, no matter what the situation. She is our very own Domestic Family Violence Expert and oversees many diverse programs, from Parent Education Programs, to Religious Leaders Programs, and Interagency Coordination. With a counselling and early childhood education background her strength is extensive program knowledge around youth, children and families. If she had a superpower she would be able to breathe underwater, so she could dive for as long, far or deep as she would like to without having to run out of air.

Michelle Kumar

Child, Family & Youth Support Worker

Michelle is passionate about empowering young people to use their voice, focus on their strengths and build their confidence, often through group facilitation. She coordinates school expos and events, facilitates youth programs, and is a networking champion at interagencies. Michelle has a background in health promotion and her strength is dependability, as she is highly motivated, loyal and well organised, with a great attention to detail. If she had a superpower she would be able to control time, so she could slow it down to appreciate life and relive special moments over and over again.

Rebecca Fahey

Senior Project Officer

Rebecca is passionate about capacity building, group work and enabling transformation in others. She leads and designed the Wellbeing Program at schools; oversees program coordination and planning and MCs at Forums, Expos and other large scale events. With a background in social work, communications and facilitation, Rebecca’s strengths are in teamwork and leadership, with effective mentoring, decision making and strategic planning skills. If she would have a superpower she would be able to heal other people’s minds and hearts with her touch.

Sofia Gyzen

Child, Family & Youth Support Worker

Sofia is passionate about creating environments where children and youth can feel empowered to recognise their own strengths and celebrate their differences with others. She runs and facilitates a range of children and youth programs, including transition to primary school and wellbeing programs in secondary schools. Sofia’s strength is in communication, with a warm and engaging personality, inclusive facilitation and group discussion through storytelling. If she had a superpower she would have the power to have people swap into another body, so they could see things through their eyes.

Vivien Haidig

Child, Family & Youth Project Worker

Vivien is passionate about managing change, growing projects and building the capacity of communities, often through presentations and facilitations. She liaises with High Schools to identify their needs and coordinates the school programs, as well as leads Parent Education Programs, and educates about employment pathways. With a background in community development, health promotion and project management, Vivien’s strength is in analytics, as she is a logical thinker, solution oriented and excels in statistical analysis. If she had a superpower she would be able to fly, to gain new perspectives, and enjoy the feeling of freedom and calm.

Young Byun

Manager Community Builders

Young is passionate about building protective factors for children, young people, their families and communities that promote well-being.  She leads Ready for Life Ready for Success, works closely with partners and stakeholders, consults with schools, collaborates within Interagencies and presents at Forums, camps and Expos. With extensive experience in couple counselling, her strength lies in teamwork and leaderships, as she is an outstanding mentor, decision maker and leader. If she had a superpower she would be able to speak all languages in the world, so she could communicate freely with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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