Community Builders

Community Builders

Community Builders offers a range of free, tailored programs, support and services to strengthen community and help children, young people and families be safe, resilient and achieve their full potential.

Who is it for?

In partnership with educators, service providers and community leaders, Community Builders works with children, young people and families. We work across the North Sydney Local Health District – covering Ryde/Hunters Hill, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai Councils.

What will it be like?

Our Community Builders team are passionate about developing the skills and capability of the different groups we work with.

We have substantial experience working with different communities and in offering culturally safe and aware programs. Our programs and services are tailored according to specific needs and are provided free of charge.

By working in partnership with local organisations, we can provide support at times and locations that suit your needs.

Key outcomes

  • Resilient children
  • Supported communities
  • Setting foundations to reach full potential

How can it help me?

The programs, services and support we offer are bespoke, tailored according to individual needs. We work in partnership with local organisations to design support that meets their circumstances, is provided where they need it, and in a style that works for them.

Programs include;

  • Youth wellbeing
  • Transition to school
  • Parent programs
  • Educator training
  • Social connection groups
  • Supported playgroup
  • Family safety and violence prevention
  • Cyber safety
  • Support for parents of children with complex learning needs
  • Mothers’ groups
  • Grandparent groups
  • Community Sector Support

Enquiring about this program

For more information or to book one of our programs:

Call: 02 9858 3029



All of our services are currently free.


Our services are mainly provided through schools, councils, and community centres across the Northern Sydney Local Health District – Ryde/Hunters Hill, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai Councils). Depending on your circumstances. Depending on your circumstances, we can also come to a location that suits your needs.

Community Builders is funded by the Department of Communities and Justice.

Jian Hua

Chinese Child, Family & Youth Support Worker

Jian is passionate about developing the skills and capacity of volunteers within the migrant community. She leads multiple programs within the Chinese community in Northern Sydney, such as Living in Australia Classes, Parent Education Program, Grandparent groups, Domestic Family Violence programs and expos, volunteer trainings, and a very successful Elder Abuse Stage Drama. Her strength is her incredibly dependability, as she is dedicated, well organised and passionate. If she had a superpower she would be able to manipulate time, so she could turn the clock back, to change painful situations for children, stand by women in abusive relationships, erase embarrassing memories or love someone from the start.

Jisun (Sunny) Kim

Korean Child, Family & Youth Project Worker

Sunny is passionate about tending to migrant communities and building their capacity. She oversees all CALD programs and manages several Korean Parent Education Programs, Supported Mothers Groups, Single Mothers Group and Supported Playgroups. Sunny’s strengths are her dependability and communication, as she is friendly and engaging, as well as very responsible and motivated, with a background in research. If she had a superpower she would be mindreading, to identify people’s needs and to be able to provide the best support to them.

Maria Comino

Child, Family & Youth Project Worker

Maria is passionate about supporting and equipping families to make the most out of life, no matter what the situation. She is our very own Domestic Family Violence Expert and oversees many diverse programs, from Parent Education Programs, to Religious Leaders Programs, and Interagency Coordination. With a counselling and early childhood education background her strength is extensive program knowledge around youth, children and families. If she had a superpower she would be able to breathe underwater, so she could dive for as long, far or deep as she would like to without having to run out of air.

Gillian Brown

Child Family and Youth Project Worker

Gillian is passionate about change and growth, not only at a personal level but also in a community and world context. Gillian has a background and experience in nursing, social work, counselling and education, she is highly motivated, loyal and well organised, with a great attention to detail. If she had a superpower it would be to spread kindness, which she believes we are all capable of in all situations.

Rebecca Fahey

Senior Project Officer

Rebecca is passionate about capacity building, group work and enabling transformation in others. She leads and designed the Wellbeing Program at schools; oversees program coordination and planning and MCs at Forums, Expos and other large scale events. With a background in social work, communications and facilitation, Rebecca’s strengths are in teamwork and leadership, with effective mentoring, decision making and strategic planning skills. If she would have a superpower she would be able to heal other people’s minds and hearts with her touch.

Sofia Gyzen

Child, Family & Youth Support Worker

Sofia is passionate about creating environments where children and youth can feel empowered to recognise their own strengths and celebrate their differences with others. She runs and facilitates a range of children and youth programs, including transition to primary school and wellbeing programs in secondary schools. Sofia’s strength is in communication, with a warm and engaging personality, inclusive facilitation and group discussion through storytelling. If she had a superpower she would have the power to have people swap into another body, so they could see things through their eyes.

Rochelle Dawson

Child Family and Youth Project Worker

Rochelle is passionate and devoted to change and healing in individuals and families. She is passionate about equipping young people to help them make a difference in their own lives and beyond, she loves supporting and coming alongside parents and families as they raise amazing young people. Rochelle is a trained High School teacher and Counsellor with 17 years experience working with young people and adults. Most recently she worked in a K-12 private school as the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator. If Rochelle had a superpower she would be able to travel overseas anytime she liked, without any cost.

Young Byun

Manager Community Builders

Young is passionate about building protective factors for children, young people, their families and communities that promote well-being.  She leads Community Builders, works closely with partners and stakeholders, consults with schools, collaborates within Interagencies and presents at Forums, camps and Expos. With extensive experience in couple counselling, her strength lies in teamwork and leaderships, as she is an outstanding mentor, decision maker and leader. If she had a superpower she would be able to speak all languages in the world, so she could communicate freely with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Sun Young Kim

Administration Worker

Sun Young Kim is passionate about supporting all her colleagues at Relationships Australia NSW so that they can work efficiently and happily. She has a background and experience in administrative worker and counselling and is also a musician, she believes these are all beneficial in her role within the Community Builder's team as her experiences have helped her become more productive, positive and creative. If Sun Young Kim had a superpower, it would be the ability to duplicate herself so she could do many tasks at once and help as many people as possible.

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