Diversity, Culture
And Inclusion

Relationships Australia NSW Inclusion Statement

Diversity. Culture. Inclusion. We strive to build an organisation where commitment to these values is meaningful and tangible. We encourage understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all people in their efforts to create loving, caring, healthy and safe relationships. Our services and programs are for everyone, and reach many diverse communities.  Guided by our Reconciliation Action Plan we encourage an inclusive workplace, sharing of ‘lived’ experience, and incubation of ideas through social justice staff networks supporting cultural and linguistic diversity, the LGBTIQ+ community and people living with disability and chronic health conditions. That said, we acknowledge the diversity within diversity, and the multiple layers which make up each person’s unique identity.  We value consultation and diverse voices which inform, influence and enhance our decision making and improve what we offer. We value our skilled and increasingly diverse workforce who understand unique needs. We have a shared commitment to social responsibility. Our aim is that our partners too, reflect these core values.

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