Thinking of a career change?
Relationship counselling could be a smart move

There are more and more people making the career change to counselling than ever before. Here’s why it may be a good move for you too. 

Ever feel like you’re the go-to person that all of your friends seek out when they want to talk about their relationships? Do you find yourself lending an ear and dishing out relationship advice anywhere and everywhere — on late-night phone calls with family members, with friends at the pub, at the hairdresser, or with that random person who struck up a conversation with you on the bus? 

If you have a counselling or social work background, and are already the de-facto relationship therapist amongst your circle of family and friends, why not think about turning it into your full time gig? Making a career change to become a relationship counsellor could be your path to a rewarding and worthwhile career. 

You’ll have the chance to provide real, professional support to those struggling with relationship issues, helping them overcome issues, and with a more positive outlook on their future together. 

With stresses related to the COVID pandemic causing more strain on relationships than ever, countless opportunities and positions are opening in the industry and demand is constantly growing There has never been a better time to change your career to relationship counselling than now. 

Here are a few more reasons why.

1. The relationship counselling industry is set to continue to grow in coming years

According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Information Portal, the projected growth in relationship counsellor roles is expected to rise 24.8% in the next five years. 

As this industry is set to grow, so will the number of jobs at a large number of reputable Australian counselling organisations, making it a great field to switch to. As well as future-proofing your career, you can be confident that you’ll truly be making a positive difference to the lives of others at the same time.

2. Relationship counsellors are in high demand

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest reasons for the growth in job prospects and available positions for relationship counsellors is that there’s an overall increase in demand for their services. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to seek out professional counselling to improve their relationships and assist when things are strained — particularly in light of the current pandemic and the associated stresses that it’s brought to peoples’ lives.

 A recent study by Relationships Australia, which explored COVID and its effects on relationships, showed that 42% of people have experienced a negative change in their relationship with their partner as a result of circumstances arising from the pandemic. 

Lockdowns and restrictions have contributed to people spending more time together, which in turn has highlighted issues within their relationships. As a result, demand for counsellors will continue to grow as people seek support.

3. It’s now easier than ever before to study online

Despite all its challenges, one major positive change COVID has brought about is the increased acceptance of conducting business and learning online. With so many people forced to work or study from home over the last 11 months, digital avenues have quickly become accepted not only as the new normal, but as the way of the future as well.

Many professional learning organisations now offer their courses via blended learning, meaning you’ll learn primarily online, with a handful of face-to-face sessions over the duration of the course. It means that even if a course is described as “full-time”, many people with busy schedules and other commitments find that they can still complete their study at their own pace.

It’s a great way to make your career change more convenient and seamless. 

4. If you’ve reassessed your direction in life, it’s the ideal time to make a change

For many, COVID has forced us to pause and look deeply at our life choices and reassess our overall happiness. During periods of uncertainty, many people reconsider their priorities and determine whether they’re content with their current life and circumstances, and for most people, this includes their job.

If you’ve taken time to reassess and decided you’re ready for a new challenge, then it could be the perfect time for you to take that leap and make a career change.

Perhaps you no longer find your current work as fulfilling, challenging or meaningful as you used to? Becoming a relationship counsellor could give you a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm as you take the next step in your career.

Enrol to become a relationship counsellor in just 12 months

With our Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling, we make it easy for you to start your career change today. You’ll become a fully-qualified relationship counsellor in just 12 months, and our blended study options (both online and face-to-face), give you the flexibility you need to balance other commitments. 

The knowledge and skills you gain through this course will be recognised Australia-wide, and your areas of expertise will include couples therapy, family counselling, domestic and family violence, child well-being, crisis intervention, and grief counselling. 

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