Who It's For

The group is for single parents and carers who have minimal contact with their children and are hoping to transition to independent parenting.

How We Help

Through this fortnightly group, you’ll learn and practice key skills to understand and support your child's needs, apply them during visits, and strengthen the connection with your child.

What to Expect

Parents and carers meet with a facilitator to discuss suitability and must complete an approved parenting course before attending. If suitable, you'll build skills over the coming weeks to enhance parenting and build closer relationships.


Held fortnightly on Saturday mornings (excluding public holidays).


This playgroup is free.

Delivery Options

This program is available in person to those in the Doonside, NSW area.

What you’ll learn

During this program, we’ll support you by:

Providing a safe play space for you to connect to your child
Offering parental education within our Circle of Security program with trained facilitators
Helping you recognise your child's needs and support their development and wellbeing
Providing referrals to other appropriate agencies
Aiding community connection for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or culturally and linguistically diverse parents and carers

How to Enrol

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Enquiry Form

Complete the enquiry form below.

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Phone Call

Our team will call you for a short, private conversation to determine if the program is right for you.

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If it’s a good fit, we’ll book you into the next available group.

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If our upcoming program is full, we’ll place you on our waitlist and contact you as soon as we have availability in another group.

Enquire now about this group program

We current don’t have any public dates scheduled for this program. Please send our team an email to find out more.


Our group workshops are perfect for those looking to build their relationship skills in a safe, supportive and collaborative group environment, led by our expert facilitators. We cover a huge range of topics, from parenting techniques to developing mental wellbeing practices – and offer groups throughout the year, both online and face-to-face.
If you’re unable to attend a session, please contact our client services team by calling 1300 364 277 or emailing us, and we will let your Group Leaders know. Please note – for those who’ve been court-ordered to attend one of our group programs (such as our Men’s Behaviour Change program), participants must attend at least 80% of the workshop’s scheduled sessions in order to receive a statement of attendance.

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