21 year old survival guide to
guide to COVID-19

So, these are the best years of our lives? 21 so far has been Saturday night pizza & Netflix with Mum and Dad, teaching my grandparents how to FaceTime, and the occasional tantrum after I’ve lost a game of backgammon to my sister after she wouldn’t let me count my dice roll because it wasn’t on the board… Is that even a rule?

We’ve gone from complaining about how many contact days we have at university to dreading zoom tutorials and wishing we could just be in the classroom for proper feedback and help. Dreading that workout we promised ourselves we’d do to pining for the gym, and instead having to take up running which we haven’t done since that high school beep test. Going out for dinners with friends 4+ times a week, to helping Mum prepare home cooked meals night after night after night…after night. Trying to work out how to message our boss saying we’re too sick to come into work (when we’ve actually just had a big Saturday night), to being let go because your job is no longer available.

So much change in such a short period of time, and it can be so stressful to wrap our minds around and manage. We’ve never experienced anything like this in our lives… most of our parents haven’t either!

However, what all of this has allowed me to become aware of is how grateful I am. Grateful to have a house that I am able to isolate in, grateful to be able to still have contact with my grandparents over facetime – thanks to the amazing technology we have today, grateful that I do still have a job that I get to go to twice a week, grateful to be able to go out and exercise in the fresh air, grateful that I am able to cook with my Mother at home and have 3 meals put on the table (even if it’s the same table) every single day, grateful that I have remote university lectures and tutorials to stimulate my mind, grateful that I am able to spend so much more time with my family, and especially grateful during this time that I am healthy.

As young adults, we tend to forget sometimes how fortunate we are. There is so much going on that we forget to take a moment to pause and realise all that we DO have. The majority of us have such a strong support system at home, and have (relatively) very little responsibility. Instead of looking at this lockdown as a negative, it is so much more valuable and beneficial to us to use this time to our advantage. Before we know it our lives will go back to the fast paced 100 miles an hour way that it was, where we don’t have as much time to work on ourselves and on our relationships with each other.

And for some parting 21 year old wisdom about parents; they’re not arguing with you that much because you forgot to pick up your dirty laundry. They’re arguing with you because they’re already dealing with enough at work so they don’t want to come home and have to babysit you too. Work with them, not against them. I can promise you, parents are ALWAYS right. I’ve learnt this the hard way.

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