The effects of domestic and family violence against children

The impact of domestic violence against children can be wide reaching and serious, whether domestic violence is aimed directly at them or not. Here’s how...
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Tips for new parents

There’s arguably no event in life more significant than the birth of your first child. For many, becoming a parent can be a joyful experience,...
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Creating safety for our children

Safety is a basic human right. Safety for children is more than the absence of risk in relationships. It is the presence of calm, secure...
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Preparing for your first baby….from the practical to the great unknown.

Depending on how the pregnancy came about, preparing for your first baby can be a very romantic time. If the baby is wanted, if the...
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What do kids really think about being at home more?

What a crazy start to 2020, not only have we been working and doing online schooling from home but we have also spent weekends, school...
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Getting back to the new normal: School

Thinking about returning to school? For six weeks now we have been keen to have everything return to normal, and railed against the restrictions, the...
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Helping families adjust to bringing a newborn baby home

For a lot of women, having a baby in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant having to accept it is not what they...
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Going back to school

Going back to school can be a busy, demanding and anxious time for parents and children alike. There are school uniforms and shoes to buy,...
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Going back to school – bullying and anxiety – how to help your child deal with them

Going back to school is usually a time of renewal, optimism and fresh starts – a new class, teachers, students and subjects to get to...
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Torn between splitting parents

NAVIGATING THE FRAGILE WORLD OF SEPARATION AND DIVORCE WITH KIDS A month after her husband abruptly packed his bags and left, thirty-eight year old Elle...
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How can I know if my child is being bullied at school?

For many children, school is an exciting opportunity, not only for academic learning but also for learning about themselves through new and untested social interactions...
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