Divorce and

The best and worst ways to address infidelity

It’s estimated 70 percent of marriages experience an affair. While common, it’s no less painful for those it’s happening to. We share how best to...
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8 signs that your relationship is over

We know being in a couple takes work from time to time. But what are the signs that your relationship is beyond repair? We explain....
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A fair share – negotiating a property settlement after divorce or separation

When dividing up property during a divorce or separation, there’s a lot to think about. Below are a few things to consider before taking the...
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Recovering after separating from your partner

When going through a divorce or significant relationship breakdown, it’s normal to feel heartbroken. It may seem as if nothing is stable, and that our...
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Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship is a very stressful event in anyone’s life. We’ve put together this helpful guide which outlines how to recognise the strong emotions...
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What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution helps separating couples in conflict discuss and agree on arrangements and resolve disputes, without going to court. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is...
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The first 5 things to do if you’re considering a divorce

While one in three Australian marriages end in divorce, it’s nonetheless often a painful and daunting process to begin. CEO of Relationships Australia NSW Elisabeth...
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The shattered dream – separated under the same roof

Being separated while still living in the same home with your spouse or partner is one of the biggest challenges a couple can face. If...
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Co-parenting in the COVID-19 world – Avoiding a crisis

Life as a separated parent can be a challenge at the best of times and parenting can be both a joy and a stress, but...
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Wise co-parenting while still furious at my ex

We all start a romantic relationship or marriage with the best of intentions and the belief that it will last forever. It can therefore be...
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Family Law and Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Family Law: Parenting Agreements Changes have been made to the family law system to encourage separating parents to develop cooperative parenting solutions without going to...
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Older children whose parents divorce

When parents separate, often the focus falls to the younger children of the family, and understandably so. There is ample evidence of the potential negative...
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Do couples separate because of financial difficulties – Yes and No

There is research that speaks to the effect that money and finances can have on the quality of a relationship, but is it the cause...
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Torn between splitting parents

NAVIGATING THE FRAGILE WORLD OF SEPARATION AND DIVORCE WITH KIDS A month after her husband abruptly packed his bags and left, thirty-eight year old Elle...
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