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How to check if you’re in a toxic relationship

Does your relationship add or detract from your overall happiness and self-esteem? Clinical psychologist and our CEO Elisabeth Shaw shares some of the warning signs...
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How to identify coercive control in a relationship

Coercive control, or ‘intimate terrorism’ as it’s sometimes referred to, is at crisis point in Australia. Here, we’ve outlined what coercive control is, and how...
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Types of domestic violence

Domestic and family violence is often thought to be physical assaults only. But this is not always necessarily the case. Here, we’ve outlined the different...
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Can you have a happy, healthy relationship with a narcissist?

You might love your partner, but can you have a good relationship with them if they’re too busy loving themselves? We’ve outlined the difference between...
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How to prepare a domestic violence safety plan

A domestic violence safety plan is essential for anyone in an abusive or unsafe relationship. We’ve put together a detailed guide on how to create...
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The effects of domestic and family violence against children

The impact of domestic violence against children can be wide reaching and serious, whether domestic violence is aimed directly at them or not. Here’s how...
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How we can all change the narrative around violence against women

Women throughout history have often been blamed for the seduction of men. But why, in this day and age, are we still hearing that women...
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What is domestic and family violence? A definition.

Domestic and family violence is often thought to be defined by physical assaults only – but this is not necessarily the case. What follows is...
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What are the warning signs of domestic violence?

Everyone has the right to live without fear and violence. Here’s how to spot the warning signs of domestic violence, and how to start making...
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What is gaslighting, and how can you address it in your relationship?

Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse and manipulation – and it happens more often than you’d expect. Our CEO and clinical psychologist Elisabeth Shaw...
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Gaslighting behaviour – what’s healthy and what’s not?

Gaslighting: You may not even know that you’ve been a victim of it. These subtle gaslighting behaviours erode confidence and create greater vulnerability and dependency...
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What to do if you are a male victim of domestic violence

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 16 men have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a current or previous cohabiting partner. Many more have suffered...
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Resources and support for men who’ve experienced domestic violence

Have you, or someone you know, experienced domestic violence? There are a number of services that can specifically help men who’ve experienced domestic violence or...
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A Message From Our CEO on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is recognised on 8 March each year. The theme in 2022 is #BreakTheBias. It asks us to imagine a world that’s free...
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