How to deepen and revitalise your friendship circle

You might have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, but when it comes to real-life how many are true friends? Just like any relationship, you’ve got...
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Six tips for combatting social awkwardness

“Social awkwardness is a term used to describe people who act uncomfortable around others, being unable to maintain eye contact or engage in easy conversation,...
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How the bushfires shows our community spirit at its best

Few Australians will forget this summer. We have faced some extremely challenging times as millions of hectares burned, lives and houses were lost, towns lost...
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Good relationships and good mental health: Hand in Hand

If we are surrounded by people who love and care for us, all aspects of our physical, emotional and mental health will be more stable,...
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Technology & devices – how they impact on our relationships

Just as television did after its arrival in the late 1950s, technological devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets have become integral to our lives and...
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Valentine’s Day – How to deal with loneliness or grief

There are times in our lives when putting on a “happy face” can be a real emotional struggle. For some, Valentine’s Day on February 14...
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How to keep it real in our relationships

This is the age of multiple connections. Desktops, Laptops, Smart phones, tablets, smart watches and our obsession with social media is keeping us in a...
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