How to do a ‘relationship reset’ this new year

While you can work on your relationships at any time, the new year is a great opportunity to reset and renew.  Many of us re-evaluate...
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How to decide whether what you want is worth standing your ground for

Humans are relational beings, inherently designed to live in close relationship with each other. But precisely because of these relationships, our lives can seem like...
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Five signs you’re being too nice

There’s no doubt that being nice is a good thing. But being ‘too’ nice can actually be detrimental to your relationships. Here’s how to tell...
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How to be a good listener

It’s true – humans have an average attention span of just eight seconds. But there are ways to improve this and become a good listener...
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How to deepen and revitalise your friendship circle

You might have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook, but when it comes to real-life, how many are true friends? Just like any relationship, you’ve got...
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Six tips for combatting social awkwardness

“Social awkwardness is a term used to describe people who act uncomfortable around others, being unable to maintain eye contact or engage in easy conversation,...
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How the bushfires shows our community spirit at its best

Few Australians will forget this summer. We have faced some extremely challenging times as millions of hectares burned, lives and houses were lost, towns lost...
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Why good relationships are essential for our mental health

Relationships and mental health go hand in hand. Humans are relational beings – we want and need to belong. But do healthy relationships underpin our mental...
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How Technology Impacts Our Relationships

These days, few of us could imagine being without our smartphones, laptops and tablets. While we can appreciate the convenience this technology brings, it’s important...
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Dealing with loneliness or grief this Valentine’s Day

If you are feeling lonely or dealing with grief, Valentine’s Day on 14 February can be a difficult day. Here’s how to navigate the day with...
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