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Is It Ever a Good Idea To Rekindle Your First Love

Our first love can either be a distant memory from our past, or something we compare all future relationships against. But is revisiting your first...
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How To Recover and Heal From a Cheating Ex

Breakups are never easy — especially when cheating is involved. We share some tips for combatting thought cycles of blame, grieving the relationship, and moving...
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Finding a Meaningful Connection on Dating Apps

Looking for love is challenging enough – let alone with the added challenges COVID-19 has brought with it. As restrictions continue to ease, taking a...
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Surviving being single in a couple obsessed world

The fairy tale goes like this. Boy meets girl, they fall deeply in love, have an exquisite wedding, give birth to beautiful children, and live happily...
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Giving Meaning Back to Valentine’s Day

While some take delight in it as the most romantic day of the year, others could be forgiven for thinking the day has become a...
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Questions to ask before starting a new relationship

Starting a new relationship is an exciting time, and research has shown time and time again that good relationships are good for us. If you’re...
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A guide to safer online dating and relating

Increasingly, many people are meeting new friends and partners via social media, or through online dating websites and apps. This post explores some of the...
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Dealing with loneliness or grief this Valentine’s Day

If you are feeling lonely or dealing with grief, Valentine’s Day on 14 February can be a difficult day. Here’s how to navigate the day with...
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How can I better manage an online relationship?

How can I better manage an online relationship? As the internet has become a bigger part of our lives, it’s become far more common for...
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