Dating apps and finding a meaningful connection

COVID has made finding love a lot more challenging than it needs to be. Isn’t it hard enough? The use of dating apps has surged...
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Tips for navigating parenting in an online world

Our many devices, necessary for work and family life, are often hard to put down. While the online world has opened up valuable and essential ways...
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A guide to safer online dating and relating

Increasingly, many people are meeting new friends and partners via social media, or through online dating websites and apps. This post explores some of the...
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Technology & devices – how they impact on our relationships

Just as television did after its arrival in the late 1950s, technological devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets have become integral to our lives and...
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Social Media Safety For Parents

If you have school-age children it is very likely social media platforms are a big part of their lives. You may have thought that it...
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What parents need to know about sexting

It would be easy to think that sexting scandals only involve people in the public eye such as golfing champion Tiger Woods or more recently,...
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Steps against cyberbullying

Most parents of school-age children would be aware that cyberbullying is a very real – and prevalent – issue. Cyberbullying can be damaging and full-on,...
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How to keep it real in our relationships

This is the age of multiple connections. Desktops, Laptops, Smart phones, tablets, smart watches and our obsession with social media is keeping us in a...
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The push-pull pendulum of the digital age

It’s a modern paradox….. Does technology push us apart or create new ways of bringing us closer and keeping us there? Good old fashioned face...
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Cyberbullying: facing the threat of harassment online

When you think of bullying, some of the first images likely to come to mind are those of schoolyard fights and taunting, or perhaps even...
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How can I better manage an online relationship?

How can I better manage an online relationship? As the internet has become a bigger part of our lives, it’s become far more common for...
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