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How to support your children in their post-lockdown return to school

Starting to think about your kids returning to school post-lockdown? We’ve put together some info to help make things a little easier for everyone. The...
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Why ‘no’ is so complicated

At school, being pursued socially is a badge of honour and a source of envy, as it still determines your social worth. CEO of Relationships...
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The COVID “gap year”

For 2019 school leavers, there were the usual expectations. That university would provide the gateway to new friendships, fun and career; for others it was...
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What do kids really think about being at home more?

What a crazy start to 2020, not only have we been working and doing online schooling from home but we have also spent weekends, school...
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Quaranteen: Adolescence in lockdown

Adolescents react, in part, to what they see from the adults around them. When parents and carers deal with the implications of COVID-19 calmly and...
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Going back to school

Going back to school can be a busy, demanding and anxious time for parents and children alike. There are school uniforms and shoes to buy,...
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Older children whose parents divorce

When parents separate, often the focus falls to the younger children of the family, and understandably so. There is ample evidence of the potential negative...
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Help Your Child Stay Safe on Social Media

If you have school-aged children, it’s very likely social media platforms are a big part of their lives. To help protect your children and keep...
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Going back to school – bullying and anxiety – how to help your child deal with them

Going back to school is usually a time of renewal, optimism and fresh starts – a new class, teachers, students and subjects to get to...
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What parents need to know about sexting

It would be easy to think that sexting scandals only involve people in the public eye such as golfing champion Tiger Woods or more recently,...
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Help Your Child Deal With Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a very real – and prevalent – issue. When parents learn more about cyberbullying, they are more available to help their child if...
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What to do if your child has an eating disorder?

There is a line in Netflix’s controversial new series Insatiable which ought to raise alarm bells for any parent with school-age children. It is: “skinny...
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How To Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied At School

If you’re not sure if your child is being bullied at school, it can help to get to know the warning signs. From there, you...
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5 Ways To Improve a Mother and Teenage Daughter Relationship

The relationship between a mother and daughter is special, but can become challenging during the teenage years — after all, the adolescent brain is going...
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