Back to basics relationship advice – how to maintain and improve your relationship

These days, there’s no shortage of relationship advice out there. While we love a good in-depth relationship book, video or podcast, sometimes it can be...
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What is gaslighting, and how can you address it in your relationship?

Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse and manipulation – and it happens more often than you’d expect. Relationships Australia CEO Elisabeth Shaw explains how...
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A fair share – negotiating a property settlement after divorce or separation

When dividing up property during a divorce or separation, there’s a lot to think about. Below are a few things to consider before taking the...
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Gaslighting behaviour – what’s healthy and what’s not?

Gaslighting: You may not even know that you’ve been a victim of it. These subtle gaslighting behaviours erode confidence and create greater vulnerability and dependency...
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Holiday stress. Finding ways out of the rabbit hole this Easter.

There are those of us that love and relish the holidays and those of us that dread the pit of anxiety that builds and looms,...
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Surviving being single in a couple obsessed world

The fairy tale goes like this. Boy meets girl, they fall deeply in love, have an exquisite wedding, give birth to beautiful children, and live happily...
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Tips for navigating parenting in an online world

Our many devices, necessary for work and family life, are often hard to put down. While the online world has opened up valuable and essential ways...
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Recovering after separating from your partner

When going through a divorce or significant relationship breakdown, it’s normal to feel heartbroken. It may seem as if nothing is stable, and that our...
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How to deal with ’empty nest syndrome’ when your kids move out

When kids leave home, it can be devastating for many parents, who might experience sadness, loss of meaning and purpose, and anxiety about their children’s...
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