The six most common communication issues in relationships

Feel like you’re hitting a brick wall every time you try and talk to your partner? It’s probably because your communication is out of whack....
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Should you try a ‘sleep divorce’ from your partner?

The studies are unanimous: almost a third of Australians aren’t getting enough sleep. But is sleeping in a separate bed the solution? Our CEO Elisabeth...
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It’s men’s health week, but it’s still mostly women who take care of it.

It’s Men’s Health Week and it is true enough that there are significant health issues to be addressed. The biggest risk seems to be that...
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The best and worst ways to address infidelity

It’s estimated 70 percent of marriages experience an affair. While common, it’s no less painful for those it’s happening to. We share how best to...
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8 signs that your relationship is over

We know being in a couple takes work from time to time. But what are the signs that your relationship is beyond repair? We explain....
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How to check if you’re in a toxic relationship

Does your relationship add or detract from your overall happiness and self-esteem? Clinical psychologist and our CEO Elisabeth Shaw shares the warning signals to look...
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Is it ever a good idea to rekindle your first love?

A popular and timeless romantic trope, our first love can either be a beautiful memory or something we use to compare all future relationships. But...
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How to recover and heal from a cheating ex

Breakups are never easy – especially when cheating is involved. We share some tips for combatting thought cycles of blame, grieving the relationship and moving...
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Dating apps and finding a meaningful connection

COVID has made finding love a lot more challenging than it needs to be. Isn’t it hard enough? The use of dating apps has surged...
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