Do couples separate because of financial difficulties – Yes and No

There is research that speaks to the effect that money and finances can have on the quality of a relationship, but is it the cause...
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Couples and sharing finances

Last week Manager of our Northern Regions Matt Garrett was on ABC Radio NSW Show FOCUS with Cassie McCulloch about Couples and Sharing Finances. Below is...
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Going back to school – bullying and anxiety – how to help your child deal with them

Going back to school is usually a time of renewal, optimism and fresh starts – a new class, teachers, students and subjects to get to...
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Being a father and white ribbon day

Being a father is one of the most important roles that shapes men’s lives. Caring for the next generation is a key role for most...
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How the prepare and enrich program can help couples

Once the first bloom of a new romance settles down, you may want to explore your future as a couple especially if you are considering...
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Relationships and good mental health

There are two scenarios to consider. In the first instance, what if you have a family member who is the one in five people across...
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What parents need to know about sexting

It would be easy to think that sexting scandals only involve people in the public eye such as golfing champion Tiger Woods or more recently,...
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Steps against cyberbullying

Most parents of school-age children would be aware that cyberbullying is a very real – and prevalent – issue. Cyberbullying can be damaging and full-on,...
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What to do if your child has an eating disorder?

There is a line in Netflix’s controversial new series Insatiable which ought to raise alarm bells for any parent with school-age children. It is: “skinny...
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