Emotion Coaching – how parents can bring out the best in their kids

During the last few decades, researchers have increasingly come to understand how important it is to understand our emotions and handle them in a healthy...
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Building resilience in children – How to encourage resilient kids

Challenges and disappointments are a part of life. As parents, it’s tempting for us to try and shield our children from everything that could possibly...
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How to be a good listener

It’s true – us humans have an average attention span of just eight seconds. But there are ways to improve this, and at the same...
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‘I’ before ‘you’: The power of starting difficult conversations with an ‘I’ statement

Good communication is the foundation for a good relationship. The words you share really do matter. But how you share those words is perhaps even...
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How to use ‘soft start-ups’ to drastically improve communication with your partner

Want to be one of those couples that can communicate more clearly with each other once and for all? Read on to find out how...
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Is giving your partner the silent treatment ever okay?

Talk to the hand because the ears aren’t listening… It can be gratifying to watch a friend or partner squirm under the silent treatment, but...
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The six most common communication issues in relationships

Feel like you’re hitting a brick wall every time you try and talk to your partner? It’s probably because your communication is out of whack....
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Should you try a ‘sleep divorce’ from your partner?

The studies are unanimous: almost a third of Australians aren’t getting enough sleep. But is sleeping in a separate bed the solution? Our CEO Elisabeth...
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It’s men’s health week, but it’s still mostly women who take care of it.

It’s Men’s Health Week and it is true enough that there are significant health issues to be addressed. The biggest risk seems to be that...
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