Relationships Australia says YES
to marriage equality vote

The federation of nine Relationships Australia organisations has joined the call for Australians to vote yes to marriage equality, in the coming national postal vote.

Relationships Australia National Executive Officer, Alison Brook said: “As a federation of organisations working across Australia with people from all walks of life we support marriage equality in this country.

“All adult Australians should have the right to access marriage as a normal and inclusive next step in their relationships. This right is paramount in a society that values respect and dignity for all its members.

“Marriage equality is vitally important to the physical and mental health of same sex attracted Australians, which is why we joined The Equality Campaign to spread the message that marriage discrimination is harmful to the health of LGBTIQ people,” Ms Brook said.

“Relationships Australia has counselling services nationally for any Australians who are negatively impacted by the debate, the advertising and the fallout that comes with these. Our centres are available to support all Australians who need help, particularly LGBTIQ Australians for whom this is a particularly emotive issue.”

Relationships Australia Tasmania CEO, Mr Mat Rowell, married his male partner in New Zealand in 2015 after 17 years together. Mr Rowell said that the respect and inclusion of all LGBTIQ people depended on them having the same rights as other Australians in their relationships.

“I believe that Australia is ready for this momentous change in the way that people in my community are treated. We encourage Australians to vote YES in the postal vote,” Mr Rowell said.

Relationships Australia provides counselling, mental health and other support services for thousands of Australian children, young people, adults, families and communities every year through a network of 120 centres around the country.

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