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Relationships Australia is involved in a wide range of research, practice and social policy activities. Listed below are publications that Relationships Australia has produced or has contributed to, as well as information sheets on a range of relationship topics.
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What about the children

This e-book covers issues that parents should be aware of when considering their children’s needs during the separation process. The booklet covers topics such as:...

Men and separation

This e-book is for men going through a separation or divorce, as well as for those who are supporting a man who is currently separating...

Creating a post-separation parenting plan

This Parenting Plan e-book is designed to help separating parents draw up a written agreement covering practical issues of parental responsibility in a range of...

Safe from violence – a guide...

This ebook covers issues for women who are considering separation, or have separated from a violent partner. Topics covered: What is domestic or family violence?...

Women and separation

This e-book is for you if you are a woman who is going through a separation or divorce. It covers topics such as: separation and...

Renovate your relationship – a manual...

Renovate your relationship is an e-book about men doing maintenance work for themselves and their relationship. Men can tend to overlook the problems in their...

Is gambling affecting your relationship?

What to do and where to seek help when gambling is affecting your relationship.
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