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Relationships Australia is involved in a wide range of research, practice and social policy activities. Listed below are publications that Relationships Australia has produced or has contributed to over the years, as well as information sheets on a range of relationship topics.
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Renovate your relationship – a manual...

This manual is a call to action. Use this manual as your set of instructions for your most important renovation project. It’s worth the work.

Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship is a very stressful event in anyone’s life. If you have ended a relationship, you may have a confusing range of painful...

Enriching your relationship

Tips and advice on how you can improve your relationship; intimacy in relationships and communication.

Is gambling affecting your relationship

What to do and where to seek help when gambling is affecting your relationship.

Online relationships

Increasingly, many people meet new friends and partners online or through online dating apps. This guide explores some of the issues surrounding online relationships –...

Parenting and relationships

Advice on parenting and relationships – are children affecting your relationship? What do parents worry about and tips on bringing up children.

Relationship difficulties

This guide addresses several aspects of relationship difficulties: normal differences and warning signs of a relationship breakdown; problems with sex; acknowledging and dealing with anger;...

Relationships and community

How to connect to your neighbourhood and community and build positive relationships.

Relationships and the workplace

Work related difficulties and stress can affect personal and family well-being, just as difficulties at home can affect performance at work. This guide explores the...
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