Online communication course

In relationships, communication is key.

CONNECT is a new online course developed by Relationships Australia to help you repair, strengthen, and improve your relationship.

What is CONNECT?

A self paced, online course, CONNECT contains common scenarios and tailored activities for developing couple skills in your current couple or for a future relationship. There four main focus areas of CONNECT:

Manage your emotions — Have better conversations — Manage your differences — Foster more closeness

Couple relationships involve skills we don’t always need in other relationships, and don’t learn in our own families. CONNECT provides you with strong foundational skills to work through most couple problems.

Relationships Australia NSW have provided couple counselling for more than 60 years and have built CONNECT based on our couple therapy experience and evidence-based practice.

What will it be like?

CONNECT has ten different scenarios each involving a couple who seems to be ‘stuck.’ You get to choose a range of endings, each with different outcomes and skills involved. You can do CONNECT as a couple or as an individual.

Some scenarios might not reflect your exact situation, but you will learn the principles and ways to create change in relationships.

Activities and digital workbooks accompany each scenario and will help you to reflect on and apply skills to your own situation. You can explore all the options in a scenario and learn about the outcome of each choice.

As a self paced, online course, you can complete each module in a time period that suits you

Module scenarios include:

  • You’re home late again
  • You love your parents more than me
  • I feel like I’m not coping as a parent
  • I’m in the middle of my partner and son
  • Does he still love me?
  • Our teenager is testing the boundaries
  • My partner reminds me of my ex
  • We’re both working from home & it’s not easy
  • We’ve just move in & we’re fighting all the time
  • I don’t want to lose my independence

Is Couple Connect right for you?

Think about your relationship and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself getting into the same old arguments with your partner?
  • Do aspects of your relationship feel unfair, and you’re not sure how to negotiate an arrangement that will work better for both of you?
  • Do you feel a growing sense of distance between you and your partner?
  • Not sure how to create more closeness?
  • Do you want help managing your emotions or the reactions of your partner?

Relationships involve behaviours, actions and reactions. The patterns you develop in a relationship can be improved even if only one person takes a different approach.

Cost & Technology

COST: Couple Connect consists of 10 modules at a cost of $20 per module. You can purchase only the modules that are relevant to you or you can purchase all ten modules for $95.

TECHNOLOGY: Connect is a web-based course and best used on a laptop computer as it is helpful to be able to easily download and access the workbooks for the modules.

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