Who It's For

Divorced or separated parents in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands who are having difficulty with parenting arrangements for their children following separation.

How We Help

We’ll help you improve communication, reduce conflict, stay focused on the needs of your children and help you and your children navigate life’s big changes.

What to Expect

We offer individual and joint sessions for you and your former partner where it’s safe to do so, and child consultation for children aged five to 18 years. Children can share their experience of the current arrangements, and have their voice heard, to help parents better respond to their needs.

Parental conflict can affect children in a number of ways.


Many separated parents know that conflict between them is making their child unhappy but feel that there’s nothing they can do. Children can experience a number of negative impacts if conflict is ongoing.

Struggling emotionally even when they seem fine on the surface
Emotional, social and behavioural problems
Difficulties concentrating
Reduced sense of safety and security
Lower educational achievement
Issues forming their own healthy relationships in the future

We can help you with:

Renegotiating parenting agreements
Strategies for improving relationships between former partners
Tools to support children through significant transitions
Family law information and referrals
Support for children through the separation process
Post-separation seminars for parents and children
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