What do kids really think about
being at home more?

What a crazy start to 2020, not only have we been working and doing online schooling from home but we have also spent weekends, school holidays and special occasions all from home. I have found that a lot of the people around me whether it’s colleagues, friends or family are all regularly checking in to see how I am coping. People are always asking “how are you finding working from home? Are you enjoying it?” To which I respond, “Good, as long as I get a walk in each day because that saves me from going crazy.”

While I have noticed this wonderful support around me, I realised that not many of us seem to be asking the little ones in our lives how they are coping and whether they are enjoying being at home more. I wonder whether we’re almost afraid to ask because we don’t want to frighten them with what is going on around the world and while they may not fully understand the situation or what ‘physical distancing’ even means, they probably have many mixed feelings about what they’re experiencing. So, I thought I would check in with my nephews and niece and see how they are dealing with this huge change. I spoke to them all individually as I didn’t want them to be influenced by what their siblings had to say.

“How old are you and what year are you in at school?”

I’m Mica and I’m six years old. I am in year 1.

My name is Jack, I’m 10 years old and I am in year 4.

Chris, year 7 and I just turned 13.

“How are you guys finding online schooling? Do you miss school?”

I am absolutely loving online schooling, I have it good here at home you know?! The teachers aren’t bossing me around, I’m not getting in trouble and I can eat in class because I am at home. I don’t miss school because when I am at school I really miss my mum and dad but now I see them all day! – Mica 6

I think online schooling is the worst, I really miss my friends and I don’t feel like I’m learning enough. I am excited because from next week I get to go back to school and so I finally get to see my friends again! – Jack 10

I like online schooling, it’s more flexible because you don’t have to follow a strict time table. I’m also getting my work done quicker because I don’t need to wait for the whole class I can just go ahead with what I am doing. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t see my friends and talk to them as much. –Chris 13

“What are you doing while you’re at home? Anything you can recommend to other kids?”

I have been going for lots of walks with my mum and our dog. It’s fun because I get to ride my scooter. For kids, I say play on your trampoline if you have one or play hide and seek with your siblings. Oh, the other thing is I talk to my friends on Facetime and that has been good because it feels like we’re all having a playdate. – Mica 6

I have been playing video games with my brother and I have been playing more board games and card games with my Mum. All I would say to other kids is just do things that you enjoy. If you like watching TV then watch TV! I think my older brother is enjoying being at home the most because all he does is facetime girls. – Jack 10

I have been playing games online with my friends and practicing my basketball skills outside. The other thing we did that was fun is we had a ‘campout’ and set up tents in the living room for my birthday and toasted marshmallows, which was really fun. –Chris 13

“What do you think of the coronavirus, do you have tips for people or kids to help them get through this?”

Hmm I don’t know a lot about it, all I know is it makes people really sick so we have to be careful. My advice to everyone is wash your hands and stay inside! –Mica 6

I know it is all very serious and that people are making it a big deal for a reason. My tip is that this is serious people, coronavirus is the FLU PREMIUM so be careful and wash your hands all the time. – Jack 10

It’s pretty scary what is going on around the world but I haven’t done much research on the coronavirus. My only advice is stay away from people and we need to take this serious because I really want to be able to go out for dinner again. –Chris 13

So while talking to the kids gave me a good laugh because some of their responses were quite amusing, what they made me realise is, that we will be okay and more importantly, they will be okay. They are absorbing enough information about the coronavirus to know this is serious but are still trying to enjoy themselves as much as they can. While we need to continue to educate them and encourage them to be as safe as possible, we need to support them during this very strange and scary time. What I have taken away from talking to my nephews and niece is that if we keep washing our hands, keep our sense of humour, enjoy the opportunities that this has given us to spend more time with our loved ones, have patience and practice physical distancing then we will be okay.

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