Who It's For

This program is for high school students in years 9–12. Workshops are available for schools in all metro and regional areas of NSW, and are run over one term over a series of four sessions lasting 90 minutes each.

What Students Learn

After taking part in our program, students will be better equipped to understand the ethical considerations of the complex social situations they face. They'll gain skills to make better decisions while staying socially connected with their friends, families and loved ones.

Why Us

Backed by 75 years of real-world clinical experience and results, we provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment that welcomes students and educators of all cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Students can experience a range of challenges throughout their formative years.


High school can be a tough time for many. Students often report a range of situations where they find it difficult to navigate, process and act with confidence aligned to their values and principles whilst staying connected to others – particularly their close friends.

Challenging conversations with friends, parents and family
Bystander effect
Negotiating consent
Navigating disclosures of mental health challenges
Fear of social exclusion when speaking up
Knowing how to best support others

We help students develop skills in six key areas:

Developing empathy and appreciating the perspectives of others
Identifying values and principles in difficult situations
Confidently expressing their values and principles
Identifying options and solutions for themselves and others
Providing and seeking support
Taking action and making courageous decisions
This program is proudly delivered in partnership with The Ethics Centre.

What is Moral Courage?


Moral courage is about building skills to better deal with challenges that arise when our values and beliefs are challenged.

It’s about standing up and taking action when we see something that we know isn’t right – even when it’s difficult to do so.

This may be because of lack of self-confidence, pressure to go along with our friends, or simply because we have never experienced something before, and don’t know what to do.

Knowing how to respond to difficult situations in the moment

Demonstrating appropriate care for friends

Speaking up and acting when knowing a situation is wrong

Knowing how to navigate potentially risky physical situations

Supporting friends through mental health and other challenges

Acting on their strongly held political, social, and ideological values

Knowing how to address sensitive but necessary issues

Navigating competing loyalties – for example, between friends or between family members

How the Program Works


Get in touch with our team for a free consultation where we'll discuss the needs of your student cohort and how we can best support them.


Prices are based on the number of students participating in the program. Contact us for pricing for your school.

Program Structure

The program is run over a series of four sessions, each around 90 minutes in duration, at a time that works best for you and your students. Sessions are highly interactive, and involve role-play, guided discussions and mentoring.


Sessions are conducted in small group formats by our expert facilitators who are specially trained in working with high school students and young people.

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