Who’s it for?

We work primarily with those working in mental health and community service industries. We also offer training that’s relevant for those in broader corporate industries and non-counselling related professions.

Workshop Delivery

Workshops are delivered online via Zoom, so you can learn flexibly from the comfort of your own workspace.

Why us?

Our training is facilitated by national and international clinicians and experts, and designed for professionals working with families, children, parents and couples in the community, health and education sectors.

Clinical Workshop Topics


Offering professional development and training for clinical staff working in family dispute resolution, mediation, relationship counselling, family violence and primary prevention.

Our workshops support the community services sector in navigating family systems and the impact on nurturing relationships. This includes providing basic counselling skills and support, working with difficult and challenging behaviours, and leading difficult conversations.

The calendar for our workshops running in 2023 will be released shortly. For more information and to book, visit Relationships Australia Victoria

Vicarious Trauma

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Advanced Property FDR Training

Attending Court and Writing Reports

Supporting Separated Families

Working with Correctional Cohorts

Identifying and Responding to Family Violence

Workshops for corporate clients working in broader industries include:

We also offer a range of training workshops that have applications for those working in other industries.
Managing Difficult Conversations
Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Workplace
Transitioning into Leadership
Accidental Counsellor
Negotiation and Conflict Management
Identifying and Responding to Family Violence in the Workplace
Person talking to a group of people.


Training Workshops

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Related Services & Workshops

Effective Group Leadership

Effective Group Leadership

This workshop helps you develop leadership skills to facilitate more interactive and engaging group work in community and counselling settings.

Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor is a workshop to assist people who aren’t trained counsellors, but often find themselves in a counselling role “by accident”. You’ll learn how to support clients, friends, family, colleagues, and strangers in distress or experiencing a crisis.

Individual Counselling

Counselling.Individuals.Older People.LGBTQIA+

Individual Counselling

Life can be full of ups and downs. While we may be able to overcome most challenges by ourselves, sometimes we need some extra support. Individual Counselling offers a supportive environment to identify and manage problems and concerns.