Who It's For

Relationship Australia NSW’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to support and enhance the wellbeing of employees at all levels of your organisation. We work across all industries, with both large and small companies.

How We Help

EAP counselling can help employees deal with any personal, family or work-related concerns that may be impacting their mental health, confidence, safety, or ability to their job.

Why Us

Backed by 70 years of real-world clinical experience and results, we provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment that welcomes all cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Common challenges many of us experience at work include:

Conflict with colleagues
Relationships at home impacting our work
Leadership challenges
Adjusting to new roles and responsibilities
Burnout and mental health challenges
Grief and loss

We can support your employees with:

Managing stress and conflict at work
Dealing with difficult customers or clients
Improving performance through better health and nutrition habits
Achieving better work/life balance
Dealing with challenges in their personal lives
Career planning and goal setting
Executive coaching
Relationship conflict mediation
Resilience programs

The Benefits

Improving the quality of your workplace experience.


Whether directly or indirectly, we bring our personal life to work, and the workplace permeates other areas of our lives. Our Employee Assistance Program takes a unique relationship ecosystem approach to address not just the issue presented, but the context of relationships around it.

Our approach honours the whole person, the interconnectedness of their relationships and how they impact wellbeing.

A mentally healthy workforce who participate wholly at work

Positive interactions that support better culture and people management

Proactive support that demonstrates genuine care for your people

Improved productivity at lower risk, coupled with less absenteeism

Top talent attraction and improved employee satisfaction

A more meaningful and enjoyable experience of work and life

How It Works

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive fees comprise an annual management charge which links you to our service, and sessions are charged on an hourly basis as utilised. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Free Employee Access

Staff are entitled to an agreed number of counselling sessions at no cost to them. Appointments are usually conducted via video call for convenience, but telephone and face-to-face appointments are available if preferred. Employees can call us on 1300 172 327 to arrange an appointment. Organisations may also choose to have the EAP service available to immediate family members of employees.

Private and Confidential

The effectiveness of our service means that we rely on creating conditions that are most conducive to open and honest conversations. All sessions remain completely confidential and de-identified. The only exception to confidentiality is if we assess that a staff member may be a harm to themselves, or others, in which case we'll seek support from additional services in line with best practice and our duty of care.

Additional Services

Upon request we can also provide Annual Reports and a suite of promotional material to let your staff know about the service available to them, including posters, wallet cards and factsheets.

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Our fee consists of an annual management charge which links you to our service, and employee sessions are charged on an hourly basis as they are utilised. Counselling is our core business which enables us to offer a highly competitive service and fees.
We will work to get your staff linked up with counsellor as soon as possible. For flexibility, ease and convenience, we primarily offer support online via video call, with appointments secured generally within three to four days. This allows us to provide your team the support they need, when they need it. Telephone and face-to-face sessions are also available if required or preferred.

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