How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

By Relationships Australia

While some take delight in it as the most romantic day of the year, others could be forgiven for thinking the day has become a forced celebration of consumerism. Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day and use it as a meaningful reminder to check in on your relationship. 

Some couples take great pleasure from celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day with an intimate exchange of cards, flowers, chocolates and even jewellery. Other couples see it as just another day and prefer to celebrate their love in more spontaneous, possibly less expensive, ways throughout the year.

But it’s hard to escape the FOMO that accompanies the marketing for Valentine’s Day, which tells you that if you really care about your loved one, you’ll buy them a gift. It can also make those who are spending Valentine’s Day dealing with grief or loneliness feel even more excluded and alone. 

So how do we step back from the commercialisation of the day and reclaim it as a more meaningful and genuine celebration of love?  

Are you and your partner on the same page? 

As with all celebrations, Valentine’s Day comes with high expectations and the potential for disappointment. Do you and your partner share the same view of Valentine’s Day? It is important to recognise they may not feel the same way as you. 

Beware the marketing pressures that tempt you to think that if your partner doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day then they don’t really care about you. Comparisons with what others might be doing on the day never helps either.  

But if your partner is not good at expressing their love at any other time, Valentine’s Day may highlight a significant lack in your relationship that needs attention. 

How you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about extravagant gifts and expensive dinners – there are plenty of ways to show your love or celebrate at home, without feeling financially stretched. 

  • Make a hand-made card and tell your partner all the things you appreciate about them and how much you value the relationship you share. 
  • Little moments where you affirm your love count more than any grand gestures. Imbue your gift with meaning by holding hands, touching, a kiss, loving eye contact and being present. 
  • Small, thoughtful actions go a long way. They can be as unromantic as buying that tube of toothpaste from the chemist that your partner keeps forgetting, to show that you are thinking of them. Send them a loving text message when you’re in the same room or sing them your favourite silly love song. 
  • Share a simple meal out, pack a picnic or prepare a favourite meal together at home. 
  • A weekend away or a day trip to a beautiful location is a great way to enjoy some quality, meaningful time together. 
  • Make a genuine effort to have some intimate time together just the two of you, even if it’s only for an hour or so. Turn off the computer, phone and TV, and push work pressures aside. 
  • Instead of expensive roses that wilt in no time, buy a plant for the garden or a pot and watch it grow together. 
  • Create and build romantic rituals you can share in a lasting way through the years.
  • Plan adventures and make them happen, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  • Have a conversation about your relationship. Make a vow together to grow your relationship every day. Talk about how you can be the best partner for each other. While it’s often a challenge, make a commitment to let go of unnecessary resentment. Reduce reactivity, value forgiveness as a regular event, be kind, generous, respectful, learn how to listen to each other and explore shared goals and dreams while supporting each other’s individual goals and dreams. 

Valentine’s Day as a trigger

If Valentine’s Day does shine a light on some painful lacks in your relationship it may be time to give these concerns some attention. This may be something you can agree to focus on together through prioritising each other and investing time together.

However, if Valentine’s Day highlights some stuck points or difficulty navigating change, then professional assistance with a well-trained couples counsellor can be hugely beneficial. 

Relationships Australia NSW offers individual and couples counselling that can help you work on these issues. Get in touch today.

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