Relationships Australia Blacktown Centre

Level 2
2 Warrick Lane
Blacktown, NSW 2148
Phone: 1300 364 277

Opening Times

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Available Parking
  • Interpreter Available
Blacktown Centre was initially set up in 2007 as a FRC providing support to parents after separation. It has been supported by Counselling from our Parramatta Office since its inception. Based in Western Sydney’s major growth area of Blacktown, we provide service to a wide range of clients from this multicultural community and work in some of the most vulnerable sectors of the community. Our staff bring a wide range of qualifications, experience and cultural diversity. Our aim is to work in Western Sydney building and improving “One relationship at a time”


  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Available Parking
  • Interpreter Available

Services at the Blacktown Centre

Children's Contact Centre

Our Children’s Contact Service provides support for children and their separated parents to build and maintain secure relationships through supervised contact visits. It also offers a place for the safe transfer of children between separated parents or carers.


Our counselling services are a convenient, affordable way to get the support you need without the requirement of a physical appointment.

Relationship Education Programs

Providing a wide range of group programs and seminars that support whoever walks in our doors to face the challenges that relationships present.

Family Relationship Centre

If you or someone you know is having relationship difficulties and problems in the family, our Family Relationship Centres can help. Our Family Relationships Centres provide you with support, information and referrals to assist you with your relationship issues and to feel supported in moving forward.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) supports employees of organisations in dealing with personal, family and work-related concerns that may impact their wellbeing, work performance, health and safety, or workplace morale.
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