Who It's For

This program is for school students in years 5–10. Workshops are available for schools in all metro and regional areas of NSW, and are run over a half or full school day, depending on your school's preference.

What Students Learn

Through this program, students learn different communication styles, conflict resolution skills and other relationship skills to increase their understanding and empathy towards friends and peers who are facing challenges and vulnerabilities.

Why Us

Backed by 75 years of real-world clinical experience and results, we provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment that welcomes students and educators of all cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Students can experience a range of challenges during their school years.


Each year, schools are supporting an increasing number of students who show signs of a lack of resilience and social skills, unhealthy peer interactions, depression, and anxiety.

The good news is that preventative mental health education can result in improved outcomes and mental health – not just for students, but also for their teachers, families, and wider social networks.

Our Healthy Relationships Wellbeing Days educate young people on common personal challenges they may face, how to manage them, and where to seek further support whenever they need it.

Inability to regulate challenging emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety and stress.
Social anxiety.
Disconnection from school and peers due to COVID.
Lack of social skills with peers.
Struggles with controlling impulses.
Unhealthy relationships with their families.
Performance anxiety around academic performance or family expectations.

We help students develop skills in the following key areas:

How to read their own body signals to understand their emotions.
Effectively communicating with others about how they feel.
How to use effective stress-prevention and relaxation techniques.
Using mindfulness as a distress-tolerance technique.
Methods for improving their communication skills.
How to effectively manage and resolve conflict with those around them.
Setting realistic goals and putting plans in place to achieve them.

The Benefits


Through our Healthy Relationships Wellbeing Days, your students will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves. They’ll build greater self-awareness, emotional regulation skills, mood management, and distress tolerance, as well as further developing their own communication style, conflict resolution skills and emotional intelligence.

Students will also gain important relationship skills, increasing their understanding and empathy towards friends and peers who are facing challenges.

We also discuss support systems and helpful referral pathways that are available to them.

Increased awareness and understanding about themselves, their emotions, and behaviour.

Improved emotional regulation, mood management and tolerance in distressing situations.

Greater resilience and stress management abilities.

Improved ability to support friends through mental health and other challenges.

Improved communcation skills and pro-social behaviour.

A greater understanding of what positive and respectful relationships look like.

How the Program Works


Get in touch with our team for a free consultation where we'll discuss the needs of your student cohort and how we can best support them.


Prices are based on the number of students participating in the program. Contact us for custom pricing information for your school.

Program Structure

The program can be run over a full-day or half-day, for entire year groups. Sessions are highly interactive, and involve role-play, guided discussions and mentoring.


Our facilitators are specially trained to work with young people, and come from a range of professional backgrounds including psychology, counselling, social work and education. Where possible, in highschools we can co-facilitate with student leaders.

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