Domestic violence
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Domestic violence services and support in NSW

Psychological and physical safety are a human right. Coercion, intimidation, demeaning, threatening, and frightening behaviour is unacceptable and has no place in a relationship. Tactics of abuse and physical and sexual violence do not change on their own.

Relationships Australia NSW is dedicated to providing a diverse range of evidence-based services – both for victims of abuse, and for those who have committed domestic and family violence.

We know that domestic and family violence occurs across all social, community and religious groups, in urban and regional settings, and all life stages. We endeavour to support as many people as possible with an inclusive and wide-reaching range of services, which include individual counselling; behavioural change and group programs; and educational programs and case support for those in the legal system.

Taking Responsibility – Men’s behaviour change program

Taking Responsibility is an 18-session men’s behaviour change group program for men who’ve committed domestic or family violence in the past, but who are willing to move forward and make positive changes in their behaviour.

Men’s Choice & Change

Men’s Choice & Change is a free program for male victims of domestic violence and abuse. We offer judgement-free support, professional advice, and strategies to help you seek safety and move forward with your life.

Domestic Violence Counselling

We provide confidential domestic violence counselling and support to women, men and children who have been victims of domestic and family violence. We'll help you work through trauma at your own pace, and support you in getting your life back on track after an extremely difficult time.

Women’s Choice and Change

Women’s Choice and Change is a free group support program for women in NSW who have experienced domestic and family violence. We aim to help you feel safe and supported again after a difficult time in your life.

Self Esteem and Communication for Women

Self Esteem and Communication is an 8-session group program for women to help you develop self-confidence, communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. It's ideal for those who have experienced difficulties in your relationships, including domestic violence.

Counselling and Support for People Affected By the Disability Royal Commission

We provide free counselling support to people who are affected by the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse,
Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission).

Men Maintaining Change

Men Maintaining Change is an ongoing support group for men who have committed domestic or family violence in the past, and have recently completed a men’s behaviour change program such as Taking Responsibility.

The group allows men to meet together in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive setting, and provides them with an opportunity to assist each other through the challenges of maintaining positive behaviour change.

Building Stronger Families

Do you want to learn how to build strong relationships within your family? Are you facing stresses and challenges that are impacting on your behaviour and relationships with your family?

Family Advocacy & Support Service

The Family Advocacy and Support Service (FASS) supports men through the Family Court system in cases of domestic and family violence. Relationships Australia NSW delivers this service in partnership with Legal Aid NSW.
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