Accidental Counsellor

Who is it for?

This ONLINE LIVE workshop is designed to assist people who are not trained counsellors but find themselves in a “counselling role by accident” and are not sure how to safely and with integrity contain the conversation and refer clients or customers to the correct therapeutic intervention.

What will it be like?

The online live workshop is customised to suit the needs of your team, especially useful in the current challenging times, for dispersed teams- working both from home and office based.

Important Course Information

Participants will be equipped with a basic understanding of the communicative skills in counselling and their principles, to de-escalate situations confidently. Participants will use strategies to de-escalate situations in interactions with customers and clients, contain, set and maintain boundaries, build personal resilience to be effective in your role, understand touch points at which containment becomes important, learn strategies to be both assertive and respectful in achieving this and practice using these strategies in an instructional setting with a practitioner.

Booking this program

Please email us to arrange for a quote and to organise to speak with our Learning Advisor.

Public Course

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