Nanga Engage

Caber-ra Nanga engage

This program builds capacity through the delivery of tailored Aboriginal mental health first aid training in schools, with the aim of improving mental health outcomes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community in our region. We also offer educational resources, comprehensive service coordination and cultural advice and support.

Who is it for?

Caber- ra Nanga means ‘resting the mind’, a Gaimaragal word gifted to our program by Professor Dennis Foley, Gaimaragal language speaker.

Caber-ra Nanga Engage is a program that reaches community leaders, school staff and service providers through the delivery of Aboriginal mental health first aid. It also offers support for individuals and families who would benefit from culturally safe service coordination to improve their mental health and wellness. There is no age restriction for this free service.

You can call 1300 364 277 to make an appointment or email us at any time at

What will it be like?

There are two elements to the Caber-ra Nanga Engage program. The first is the delivery of mental health first aid training in schools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The second is the support offered by our Caber-ra Nanga Engagement Worker. This specialist support person will work closely with individuals or families to determine their particular circumstances and offer access to appropriate educational resources, support, cultural safety plans, and make referrals or coordinate relevant services as needed.

Understanding the insights of family members and community who can support the wellbeing of an individual can be very beneficial. Where appropriate, the Engagement Worker will work with the broader family and social systems to support individual wellbeing.

Key outcomes

  • Support mental health wellbeing
  • Provide appropriate resources and support
  • Build capacity of community
  • Deepen community links

How can it help me?

The program can help with the following: 

  • Provide individual client response and service coordination that supports engagement with support services and referral pathways 
  • Provide cultural advice, support, and cultural immersion opportunities for the community and service system 
  • Facilitate community-based engagement and capacity building opportunities  
  • Provide targeted mental health professional training. 

Booking this program

For the Caber Ra Nanga Engagement Worker 

No referral is required. You can book this program by either calling us on 1300 364 277, referrals can also be made directly to our Engagement Worker at or 0423303864

For Aboriginal and Youth Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid training
Please contact Ruben on 0403 451 176   


The Caber-ra Nanga Engage program is a free service.

The Caber-ra Nanga Engage Mental Health First Aid is delivered by Ochre and Salt Pty Ltd.

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