How I started exercising
from home

I loved working out at my local gym and was doing group fitness classes every second day of the week. Since I moved to my current suburb in 2017, gym was part of my routine and I rarely missed a workout. More than anything, I loved the camaraderie of a group of women working out and sweating in the same room, bonding over fitness and health, and grabbing a coffee and chat after a gruesome workout. I loved getting yelled at by our group fitness instructors – all of them extremely fit, energetic and absolutely brutal in our training. I especially loved seeing their passion and commitment to fitness translate into leaner and stronger bodies for their group members.

Then 2020 arrived with the Corona virus and everything changed. All gyms closed overnight and we didn’t have a place to work out together. I was confused, demotivated and stopped exercising.

I then received an email from our local gym, letting us know that they partnered with an online app so that members could get free online yoga and Pilates classes for a period of 3 months. At the same time, I was also bombarded with texts and messages from friends telling me all of these awesome apps for training and exercising at home – my friends knew me so well! I was thrilled when I went on the Les Mills website and learnt I could still do all my regular gym classes at home.

I started training the very next day – waking up early to set myself up on the balcony. I put my laptop on a high kitchen stool and started doing a 55-minute body combat class. It felt weird doing this class all by myself, as I would normally train with 30-40 people. I got bored and kept checking the video watch time and truly wanted to quit after 30 minutes, but before I could my body combat instructor’s face jumped to my mind and I suddenly lost all the desire to quit, hoping that I wouldn’t embarrass her with my fitness level when I returned to her class. I pushed through, finished the 55-minute workout and felt proud of myself for doing so.

Today is officially day 14 of staying at home, and I am thrilled to announce that working out at home is going great! I am now training 6 days a week, which is usually an hour-long session in the morning, and am doing a variety of classes to mix things up and keep the program interesting. I still miss training with my gym buddies, but the pros of training at home are also significant:

  • no more commutes to and from the gym;
  • flexibility as to my start and finish time;
  • flexibility to change and adapt the workout to whatever my body and mind needs at the time;
  • the ability to try out new classes with the click of a button; and
  • the ability to exercise outdoors, in nature, listening to the birds sing and seeing tree leaves falling is just beautiful and adds a meditative vibe to my workout as wells as a tranquil start to my day.

Enjoy your workout at home!

The apps I am using: : particularly good if you want to do short-interval (20-30 minute) Pilates, yoga or HIIT training, or combine 2 workouts into an hour-long session. : great to continue your Les Mills workouts if you had been doing that in your gym before. I love the 55-minute Body Combat & Body Attack classes.


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