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What about the children

This booklet covers issues that parents need to be aware of when considering their children’s needs during the separation process. The booklet covers topics such...

A fair share

This property settlement guide is to help you make final arrangements when going through a separation. Whether you have been married or living as a...

Share the care

This Parenting Plan booklet is designed to help separating parents draw up a written agreement covering practical issues of parental responsibility in such areas as:...

Women and separation

This booklet is for you if you are a woman who is going through a separation or divorce. It covers topics such as: separation and...

Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship is a very stressful event in anyone’s life. If you have ended a relationship, you may have a confusing range of painful...

Parenting and relationships

Advice on parenting and relationships – are children affecting your relationship? What do parents worry about and tips on bringing up children.

Starting a new relationship

Starting a new relationship is an exciting time. This guide explores topics such as what do you want from a relationship; why do people get...
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