Online Counselling

Online counselling provides people with an opportunity to talk about the issues that concern them whenever and wherever they need to. It can help you generate solutions to your problems and repair or strengthen your relationships.

Who is it for?

Online counselling provides people with an opportunity to talk about the issues that concern them whenever and wherever they need to. Many people have busy lives with hardly a moment to spare, and finding a time when they can visit a counsellor together may be impractical. The accessibility and convenience of online counselling also suits people from more remote locations or who have mobility issues.

What will it be like?

Online counselling is available as video or audio sessions or chat, and can be accessed via a desktop or mobile device.

One of the great things about online counselling is how convenient and flexible it can be. Some people feel more comfortable and less anxious opening up and discussing their issues though online channels. They can feel less pressured or rushed to talk.

Key outcomes

  • Clarify your problems.
  • Gain new perspectives.
  • Work through change.

How can Online Counselling help me?

If you need to talk about difficult issues with a professional trained counsellor from the privacy of your own home or if you’re on the move, our online counselling service is a convenient option for you.

Online counselling can help you generate solutions to your problems, repair or strengthen your relationships and address a range of problems including marriage or family issues, and mental health issues like depression or anxiety. We support people from all walks of life.

Making an Appointment

When you call or contact us, you will speak to our client services team and select whether you would like an individual or couple online counselling session. You will receive a confirmation of your booking via email or text.

Sessions are usually one hour long. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and your counsellor will be able to work with you and plan your session according to your requirements.

  • No referral is required
  • Our counselling services are backed by over 70 years of experience.

If you have any further questions regarding our counselling session bookings, you can refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section, email us on or give us a call on 1300 364 277.


Fees are determined based on your income at a level affordable to you. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay fees.

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