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It is common for people to experience some initial anxiety over the prospect of participating in a group, and don’t know what to expect. Being in a group offers a safe, supportive environment where participants take part in conversations and activities that build their confidence and ideas, and learn from others experiencing similar challenges. Group participants say they feel less alone, isolated and judged, and that groups help in finding new solutions to dilemmas or problems.

Participating in a group program is an effective way to gain the confidence to turn negative habits and cycles into positive ones, manage strong emotions constructively and create the future you want. The group facilitators create discussions and allow for self-reflection, goal setting and learning new skills. You will experience a positive, practical approach that builds on strengths within yourself and in your relationships.

Relationships Australia NSW provide a wide range of group programs and seminars that support men, women, teenagers and children to face the challenges that relationships present. Group programs give people an opportunity to learn together and discover that their challenges are also experienced by others. We also have a number of group programs that are designed specifically for the LGBTIQ community.

Our groups are usually 4-23 sessions long, depending on the topic, and usually involve people attending a pre-group meeting to ensure that the program is useful to their situation. Seminars are usually 1-2 sessions long and tend to deal with specific issues. You are not required to attend a pre-group meeting prior to joining a seminar.

Fees for many of the groups and seminars are calculated on a sliding scale, based on household income. Please note that, based on demand and community needs, not all courses we offer are available within every centre. To make a booking or for more information about any of the programs in this guide please click the Enquire Now button at the top of this page and fill out the online enquiry form or call us on 1300 364 277.


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