Who It's For

The program is for parents and carers looking to enhance their parenting skills. Carers are encouraged to attend together, or individually if separated.

How We Help

Our facilitators support carers with children of any age. We’ll show how respectful interactions can reduce conflict, so families enjoy richer relationships.

What to Expect

Participants consider a range of scenarios they might face with their children. Exercises and discussions support better communication and increased empathy and offer tools to put learning into practice at home.


Six sessions, over six weeks
Two hours per session


Fees are determined based on your income at a level affordable to you. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay.

Delivery Options

This group workshop is available face-to-face or online if it's suitable in your circumstances.

What you’ll learn.

During this workshop, we’ll support you to:

Explore your own values, goals, and unique parenting style
Learn about the stages of brain development, and how to support through each of them
Understand the emotions behind your child’s behaviour
Develop strategies for helping your children solve problems for themselves
Learn mindfulness and self-care exercises to help you look after your own needs while parenting
Have more calm, attentive, enjoyable and fun interactions with your children and family
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Awards + Recognition

Bringing up Great Kids was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2005. The program has helped tens of thousands of parents and has won two national awards in Child Protection and Multicultural Engagement.

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Enquire now about this group program

We current don’t have any public dates scheduled for this program. Please send our team an email to find out more.


Our group workshops are perfect for those looking to build their relationship skills in a safe, supportive and collaborative group environment, led by our expert facilitators. We cover a huge range of topics, from parenting techniques to developing mental wellbeing practices – and offer groups throughout the year, both online and face-to-face.
If you’re unable to attend a session, please contact our client services team by calling 1300 364 277 or emailing us, and we will let your Group Leaders know. Please note – for those who’ve been court-ordered to attend one of our group programs (such as our Men’s Behaviour Change program), participants must attend at least 80% of the workshop’s scheduled sessions in order to receive a statement of attendance.

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