Couples Communication

This program is suitable for couples who are keen to develop their relationship and be able to communicate with each other effectively and strengthen relationships between them.

Talk Time: Couple Communication LGBTIQ

Talk Time: Couple Communication seminar supports LGBTIQ couples who want to develop new and effective ways of communicating with each other and better dealing with relationship difficulties, within a safe environment.

Making Stepfamilies Work

Making Stepfamilies Work is a 1-session seminar for couples in a stepfamily relationship or for those considering forming a stepfamily. It supports couples to explore the changes that come in forming a stepfamily and work towards strengthening relationships in the family.

Building Better Relationships

Building Better Relationships is an 8-session group designed for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. The program addresses the needs of couples who want to learn new ways of building their relationship and cope positively with the normal stresses experienced in relationships and family life.
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