Group programs for people
with disabilities and their carers

Being in The World : My Pet & Me (For People with a Disability)

A two-week social and self-care group for people with a disability who love their pets.

Healthy Relationships for Neurodiverse Young People

A free face-to-face course over four weeks to support and encourage the development of strong and healthy relationships.

Your Cup

A free four-part online seminar for people who work in the disability sector.

Healthy Relationships for People with a Disability

A free four-week online course to support and encourage people with a disability to develop and strengthen healthy relationships.

Self-Esteem and Communication for Men With a Disability

A free four-week online course for men to help build new skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Feeling Great About Me

A free online group for people living with disabilities in NSW. We'll equip you with the tools to have great relationships, manage your emotions and improve your self-care practices.

24/7 Love – Support, Connection & Care for Carers – in partnership with Sydney Botanic Gardens

A free 3-week in-person group for people who care for a loved one living with disability.

Aboriginal Women’s Disability Support Group

Join us for a six-week wellbeing and yarning group for Aboriginal women who have a disability or are caring for someone with a disability. This is an open space for women to build new relationships, learn from one another and feel supported.
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